Can SASSA Internship Interviews Be Conducted Via Video Calls?

In the digital age, the landscape of recruitment and selection processes is constantly evolving. This is no different for the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), which is tasked with the administration and management of social grants aimed at reducing poverty and fostering social cohesion. SASSA, like many organizations, has had to adapt to the changing times, especially in how it conducts its internship interviews. With the rise of remote work and digital communication, the question arises: Can SASSA internship interviews be conducted via video calls?

The short answer is yes, SASSA internship interviews can indeed be conducted via video calls. This mode of interviewing offers several advantages that align with both the organization’s operational needs and the applicants’ convenience.

Advantages of Video Interviews for SASSA:

  • Extended Reach: Video interviews allow SASSA to engage with candidates from remote areas who may otherwise find it challenging to travel for an interview. This widens the talent pool and ensures that opportunities are more inclusive.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Conducting interviews via video calls can significantly reduce the costs associated with the recruitment process. It eliminates the need for travel and accommodation expenses that SASSA or the prospective interns may incur.
  • Flexibility: Scheduling interviews can be more flexible when done virtually. Candidates can choose an environment where they feel most comfortable, and SASSA interviewers can efficiently manage their schedules without the constraints of physical meeting logistics.
  • Efficiency: The video interviewing process can be more streamlined and faster than traditional methods. It allows for quicker decision-making and can expedite the selection process, which is beneficial for both SASSA and the applicants.
  • Safety: In times of public health concerns, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, video interviews provide a safe alternative to face-to-face interactions, ensuring the health and well-being of both SASSA staff and candidates.

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Technical Considerations:

While video calls offer several benefits, there are also technical considerations that SASSA must address to ensure a smooth interviewing process:

  • Reliable Technology: SASSA needs to ensure that the technology platform chosen for video interviews is reliable, secure, and accessible to all candidates, regardless of their location or the quality of their internet connection.
  • Training: Staff members conducting the interviews should be well-trained in using video call technology and in managing the nuances of virtual communication.
  • Privacy and Data Security: Measures must be taken to protect the privacy and personal data of the candidates throughout the interview process.

Implementing Video Call Interviews at SASSA: A Strategic Approach

For SASSA to successfully implement video call interviews for its internship program, a strategic and well-structured approach is required. The following steps outline a potential strategy for integrating video interviews into SASSA’s recruitment process:

Step 1: Policy Development and Guidelines

SASSA must first establish clear policies and guidelines for conducting video interviews. This should include the selection of appropriate video conferencing tools, the establishment of privacy protocols, and the setting of standards for the conduct of interviews to ensure fairness and consistency.

Step 2: Infrastructure and Technology Setup

The agency needs to invest in reliable video conferencing technology that provides high-quality audio and video. Moreover, it is essential to have IT support in place to assist with any technical issues that may arise before or during the interview process.

Step 3: Interviewer Training

Those tasked with conducting the interviews should receive training not only on the technical aspects of the chosen video conferencing platform but also on best practices for virtual interviews. This includes understanding how to build rapport with candidates over video and how to fairly assess their demeanor and responses in a virtual setting. For more details you can visit africanamericanmag.


The adoption of video calls for internship interviews reflects SASSA’s willingness to embrace modern technology and to create a more dynamic and accessible recruitment process. While in-person interviews have their merits, the advantages of video interviews — especially in terms of inclusivity and resource management — are compelling.






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