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Our day-to-day livelihood isn’t what it used to be. When you consider how you pay for utilities like your mobile phone, a gym membership, or access to TV platforms, the long-term loyalties you might’ve had to one supplier seem to be of a bygone era.

And did you know that the same is now true for cars? Rather than the more traditional methods of accessing a vehicle, many people are opting for car subscriptions and we feel you should know why that is.

Let’s look at the benefits of subscribing to a car in today’s dynamic world.


Moving away from other types of ownership


The up-front capital required to purchase a vehicle outright or put down a deposit on a car when you’re financing it is simply unattainable to many. Such steep sums put a huge dent in your monthly budgets and cash flow.

However, if you’ve ever sold a car before, or at least tried to, you’ll know that it can be a stressful process. Listing the vehicle, taking the right photos, and finding out all the correct information for the description, all this is time-consuming and feels like a chore. Plus cars rarely ever increase in value so your chance of turning a profit is slim.

That is the reason many choose to finance or lease a car instead, but these types of ownership have their own set of problems. When you lease, you’re tied into a fixed amount of months to make monthly payments; this can be problematic if you have a change of circumstances 6 months into a 24-month repayment plan, for example.

If you want to switch to an electric vehicle, that’s great, but isn’t straightforward. The cost of electric vehicles is currently high and frankly unaffordable to many.


Taking advantage of a car subscription


The aforementioned problems are where car subscriptions hold such huge advantages over them. Our no-commitment and no fixed-period subscriptions present you with the flexibility to drive our cars to your leisure and not have to worry about their decreasing value or resale further down the line.

Once you are done with this car and perhaps want another, get in touch with the team at Drive Pivotal so you can return your current car and take out a new subscription for another.

There is minimal finance required to begin with and all taxes are covered in your monthly subscription fee. Only paying a smaller amount every month, including for the electric vehicles we offer, can take the burden of financial stress off a lot of people.

We know that job locations or family homes can take you anywhere and circumstances can change at the drop of a hat so you don’t want to be contracted to something you no longer want or require.

For all these reasons, a car subscription is a smart move. Contact Drive Pivotal today to find out more.


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