Bulk Bags for Sale: Your Trusted Partner for Heavy-Duty Packaging

When it comes to efficiently handling and transporting large quantities of materials, FPS is your reliable source for bulk bags for sale. Whether you operate in agriculture, food processing, or the feed mill industry, FPS offers tailor-made solutions to optimize your operations. From storing grains and corn to transporting dry goods, our heavy duty bulk bags are engineered to meet the most demanding requirements.

Unmatched Strength and Versatility

FPS offers a wide range of FIBC Bulk Bags, also known as super sacks, designed for maximum strength and versatility. These bags are your ultimate companions for packing, storing, and transporting a variety of materials, making your tasks more efficient and cost-effective.

Our FIBC Bulk Bags are constructed from woven polypropylene, a robust and lightweight material that ensures both strength and flexibility. Whether you need to store rice, beans, sugar, nuts, compost, sand, debris, trash, or gravel, FPS bulk bags have got you covered.

Impressive Load Capacity

At FPS, we understand that load capacity is crucial for your operations. That’s why our new FIBC Bulk Bags boast an impressive 3000 lb. weight capacity, ensuring that you can transport even the heaviest materials with ease. And if you’re looking for a more economical option, our used FIBC Bulk Bags still offer a substantial 2000 lb. weight capacity.

User-Friendly and Cost-Effective

FPS takes pride in providing solutions that are not only reliable but also user-friendly. Our FIBC Bulk Bags feature a duffle top and spout bottom, simplifying the loading and unloading processes

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Whether you need bulk bags for storing grains, corn, or other dry goods, FPS offers a range of sizes and options to suit your specific needs. Our bags are designed with durability and convenience in mind, making them an essential asset for your business.

Super Sack, FIBC & Bulk Bags for Sale

When it comes to efficiently moving large quantities of grain, corn, or dry goods, nothing beats the convenience and safety of super sack bulk bags. FPS proudly offers a wide range of both new and used bulk bags, perfect for a variety of industries and applications.

Our selection includes:

– Spout Top Bags

– Spout Bottom Bags

– Duffle Top Bags

– Jumbo Bags

– One Ton Bags


Each of these bags is crafted with durable materials, such as woven polypropylene, ensuring a long working life. You can trust in their reliability and reuse them for years to come. Additionally, our new bulk bags are equipped with advanced safety features, including lifting loops for easy attachment to cranes or forklifts.

Used Sack Bulk Bags

For shipping and storing large quantities of dry goods like powders, grains, seeds, and salt, look no further than super sacks, also known as flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) bulk bags. These versatile bags can hold up to a full cubic yard of goods and up to 3000 pounds, depending on their size. When empty, super sack bags can be conveniently folded up to save space in your facility.

Super sack bags are constructed from woven lightweight low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic, providing durability and protection for a wide range of products and goods. Their stretchable and puncture-resistant material makes them suitable for various storage needs.

Conclusion: FPS – Your Partner for Bulk Packaged Solutions

Transporting metals, minerals, and building materials in bulk can be complex due to stringent regulations. However, FPS FIBC bulk bags are designed to meet or exceed these safety standards. Made from high-quality materials, they can withstand heavy filling weights and extreme environments without tearing or contaminating their contents.

FPS is your trusted partner in bulk packaged solutions, excelling in the heavy duty bulk bags market. With our expertise and innovative solutions, we provide the best fit for your unique requirements. Explore our extensive range of industrial bulk sacks and find the ideal solution for safely storing and transporting your valuable products.

Bulk Bags for Sale: Your Reliable Solution for Heavy-Duty Needs

When handling large quantities of materials, FPS has you covered with our premium bulk bags for sale. Designed for efficiency and strength, our heavy duty bulk bags are the answer to your packing, storage, and transportation needs.

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