7 Essential Things to Consider When Going on a Dubai Desert Safari Trip

7 Essential Things to Consider When Going on a Dubai Desert Safari Trip

Dubai has always been an ecstatic destination for travelers around the world. Dubai is known for its lavish sea beaches, luxury amenities, exclusive dining arrangements, and a wide assortment of classic monuments and archaeological evidence to check around the city. Individuals can enjoy the stunning blue skyline in the distance with fun rides and attractions to catch around the city. The Dubai desert safari is an amazing activity to engage in amid the various rides and attractions here, and a few quintessential points regarding the things to consider while on this trip are sufficed below for the readers.


Appropriate Outfits

Before venturing out into the deserts of Dubai, it is essential to carry a set of loose-fitted and lighter clothes for the desert safari activity here. There are several activities included under Desert safari Dubai packages like camel riding, dune bashing, horse riding etc. Deserts tend to get too hot during the mornings, so airy and breathable clothes should be worn then. Tight-fitted clothes can make anyone perspire during such weather conditions here and thus should be avoided at all costs. For the men’s outfits, cotton is a great choice, while linen is perfect for the women to wear in the desert terrain here in Dubai. Wearing brighter colors can eventually be beneficial for reflecting heat and sun rays and keeping oneself comfortable in such conditions.


Closed footwear

Proper closed footwear, like boots, should be utilized when going out into the premium desert safari of Dubai. Walking shoes are, in fact, a good option to travel through the desert without any sort of hassle. There are chances of encountering pebbles and rocky masses around the desert terrain here in Dubai, and thus these closed shoes can help in properly traversing the location here. There are also chances of finding sneaky venomous creatures around the desert, and shoes can help in avoiding sudden bites from them. Pairing it with socks can help keep the feet comfortable during the long walks here in the desert of Dubai.


Carry ample water.

Again, it is important to carry water bottles filled with fresh water while spending time in the Dubai desert. Individuals are prone to dehydration while spending time in the desert, and thus, water is an essential commodity to carry while being here in the location. Individuals can also opt for sports and energy drinks here or blend some electrolyte powder with their normal beverage here in the Dubai desert.


Protection from the sun

It is pretty evident that the deserts get heated up during the mornings, and thus proper sun protection equipment should be utilized at the location. Sunscreen lotions, a pair of sunglasses, and headwear are necessary before venturing into the Dubai desert here. Clothes should also be worn accordingly to hide the skin, as the desert temperature can burn the skin or inflict rashes on the individual.


Keep a Medikit along.

Another important thing to consider before going out to enjoy the Dubai desert is to keep a Medikit with oneself. Medikits are small medical containers containing antiseptic creams, bandages, and other medical substances utilized in case of a medical emergency. Taking such a medication along can help in avoiding any mishaps occurring in the Dubai desert here.


Check for binoculars.

The binoculars are important equipment to carry while spending time in the desert here in Dubai. There are various wildlife creatures available to view in the desert terrain, and without proper binoculars, it would be difficult to spot one over a longer distance. Apart from the animals, various distinct sights and views can be checked using binoculars here, so it is pretty essential to carry one on a trip to the desert.


Keep a flashlight

Another important commodity to keep while opting for an overnight desert safari in Dubai is to carry a flashlight during the activity. The deserts get pretty dark around here during the night, and thus flashlights can be helpful in spotting rocky structures and venomous reptiles around the desert terrain. Packing in an extra set of batteries is also essential before going out on a trip in the desert.


Bottom Line

To end with, these are the 7 important things to consider while engaging in the desert safari activity in Dubai. Individuals can make a checklist of the essential items to carry before the trip and load them up in rucksacks or saddle bags while venturing out in the deserts here in Dubai.

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