Top 8 Sights To Visit in Toronto During Yacht Charter

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Thanks to its mesmerizing natural beauty, sparkling cities, abundance of wildlife and soothing weather, yachting in the waters of Toronto is a popular activity, especially amongst thrill and adventure seekers. From stunning views to the best food, yacht charters promise an incredible experience and unparalleled fun! So, if you plan to visit Toronto and Rent a Yacht, there are various locations to explore. This article highlights the top 8 sights in Toronto during the Yacht charter. Let’s dive in! 

Top 8 Sights To Visit in Toronto During Yacht Charter

1. Thousand Islands

Planning to rent a yacht in Toronto? Thousand Islands is a must-visit site nestled in the eastern end of the Ontario Lake in Toronto that promises a mesmerizing view of the city lights and skylines. If you want to indulge in several water sports or activities like fishing, watersports, kayaking, nature hikes and sightseeing, Thousand Islands is an ideal choice. With more than 1860 islands located in a vast land of 80km, you should visit luxury theaters, gastronomic restaurants, golf courses and secluded beaches. 

2. Toronto Harbourfront

Known as Toronto, Canada’s commercial and cultural hub, Toronto Harbourfront is a downtown area where you can enjoy waterside eateries, cocktail lounges, upmarket bars and several nightclubs and beer gardens. At the Toronto Harbourfront, you can enjoy various festivals and local events that charm the place. During the summer, yachting becomes common here as crowds love to experience the flat waters, sunny days and cultural activities. 

3. Niagara Falls At Night 

Another most loved destination and a sight to visit in Toronto is the famous Niagara Falls. Although you cannot reach Niagara Falls directly through the yacht, sailing from Queenston up to Niagara Falls is possible. From here, you can get an aerial view of the breathtaking Niagara Falls, lit up at night. The cascading water gushing from a great height looks stunning! 

4. CN Tower

Towering at an elevation of 553 meters from the Toronto skyline, CN Tower is another incredible sight which promises a spectacular view of the city. The 360-revolving restaurant features 550 award-winning wines imported from different parts of the world. You can also indulge in authentic food flavors to satisfy your taste buds. Post the meal, explore the Roundhouse Park while touring towards the Harbourfront. 

5. Toronto Island Park

Traveling with your kids to Toronto? Toronto Island Park is an exceptional place spread over four incredible islands that offers everything from mesmerizing lakeshore beaches, kids’ amusement rides, tree canopy-covered parklands, play parks, walking trails, and an abundance of local wildlife. You can head to two of Toronto’s coolest beaches, Ward Island and Centre Island Beach, to relax and enjoy the sunset and sunrise views. 

6. Port Dalhousie

Renting a yacht in Toronto, Canada? Port Dalhousie is a famous stop 25 km from Toronto called a foodie’s paradise. With a wide range of riverfront bars and lakeside restaurants, this place is a dream for every food lover. While exploring delicious meals and wines, you can enjoy the breathtaking views. After visiting Port Dalhousie, check out the famous lighthouse and Lakeside Park for a complete experience. 

7. Grimsby Beach 

Located amidst Niagara and Toronto, Grimsby Beach is the tiniest beach of the Grimsby town. If you are a wine lover and want to enjoy the unexplored beauty of the lake, Grimsby Beach is an excellent option to visit in Toronto. Since the shorefront features various lakeside beaches, they promise a mesmerizing skyline view. Attractions like Beamer Falls, The Painted Ladies of Grimsby and quaint wooden houses are a must-visit. 

8. Bronte Beach Park 

Tucked neatly between Burlington and Toronto, Bronte Beach Park is an incredible location like Old Oakville to experience the old and vintage village town vibes featuring trendy bars, historical places of interest and fantastic specialty shops. Herein, you can explore fashion boutiques, antique stores, luxury spas, high-end jewelers and award-winning restaurants with your loved ones. Once you’re done, hop on the yacht charter and visit the next destination. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Yacht in Toronto

1. Breathtaking Views 

Yachting is about enjoying the stunning views of Toronto’s island, skylines and waterfront areas. By renting a yacht and cruising over the touristy water and under the sparkling sky, you experience the city’s beauty from a different perspective. Additionally, you can click some great pictures while enjoying the scenes of the mesmerizing coast and the sunset from the yacht.

2. Privacy and Exclusivity 

Privacy and exclusivity are other major reasons you should Rent a Yacht in Toronto, as these yachts provide complete privacy and exclusivity to all tourists. You can enjoy the company of your loved ones, family, friends, partner or more without outside distractions or crowd intervention. 

3. Relaxation and Leisure 

Relaxation and leisure are prime reasons why most people love renting a yacht and traveling. Right from hearing the calming of oceans to the brimming sun and chirping of the birds, everything will make you relaxed on a rental yacht or a boat. Inside the vessel, there are various spas that you can use to relax and unwind yourself from all worries and stress. This relaxation is not available during Jet Ski Rental Toronto or scuba diving. 

4. Customizable Experience 

What better than tailoring your cruising experience as per your needs? Most yacht rental companies aim to offer the best experience to all guests. Thus, they ask for specific requirements or suggest different customizable packages for a wholesome experience. Everything can be customized, from the catering options to the cursing duration, decoration, drinks and activities available onboard!   

5. Not as Expensive as it may Sound  

Renting a yacht may sound extremely expensive, but it is not, especially if you’re traveling during the off-season. Additionally, several factors determine the overall yacht rent, including the location, number of people, customization, number of hours, size of the yacht and more. Generally, renting a boat per person ranges from $800 to $2000.

Wrapping Up!

Toronto is one of the most loved locations for renting a yacht, especially because of its stunning scenic views. If you plan your summer vacation in Toronto, renting a yacht is a must, as you can explore the stunning sunset views, skylines, city lights and more. These are the top 8 must-visit sites during a yacht charter.

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