Supplies You Need for Preparing Your Car for Storage

Storage units can be ideal for storing cars securely for extended periods. The storage units can help protect the vehicle from harsh external elements that can otherwise cause severe damage. Before finding storage for cars and leaving your vehicle in a unit for an extended period, prepare it properly to verify it remains in good condition until you can use it again. Here are some key supplies you may need when preparing your car for storage:

Car Cover

A car cover shields your car from environmental contaminants that can cause damage to its paint and finish. Car covers can be instrumental for outdoor storage options for your vehicle, but you should also use them indoors for extra protection. Investing in a car cover can also help prevent scratches from accidental contact with objects while in storage. They often come with UV-resistant properties to protect the car’s exterior from harmful rays that can cause discoloration. Opt for breathable material to prevent condensation from forming underneath the cover, which could cause mold growth.

Fresh Oil and Oil Filter

Used engine oil can contain contaminants like combustion byproducts and debris, which can cause engine damage. Changing the oil and oil filter before storage can help eliminate such contaminants from the engine. Fresh oil can also provide proper lubrication to the engine, preventing corrosion while the car is in storage. Servicing your vehicle before storing it for long periods can help it start up quickly and allow the engine to run smoothly when you want to use it again.

Cleaners and Detailing Supplies

Although interior storage for cars can protect your ride from many external elements, some contaminants in the air can cause corrosion. Proper cleaning and detailing before storage can help preserve your car’s condition. Find cleaners and detailing supplies can help eliminate road salt and grime that could otherwise cause rust and corrosion. Interior cleaning can help prevent mold growth and odor formation, safeguarding your vehicle from stains and surface deterioration. After cleaning the exterior, apply wax to offer a protective layer over the paint and maintain the glossy finish.

Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel can degrade when stored over long periods, affecting engine performance. Adding fuel stabilizers can help prevent gas degradation and avoid the formation of deposits that can clog fuel lines. Stabilizers may also prevent gum formation on the carburetor and injector systems, helping you avoid engine problems. The fuel you leave in the car will be viable when you’re ready to start the vehicle after storage.

Jack Stands

Car tires left in contact with the ground over prolonged periods can develop flat spots. The rubber on tires may also degrade over time, rendering your wheels unusable. Using jack stands can help lift the car off the ground, protecting your wheels. Jack stands can also relieve your car’s suspension from supporting the weight for extended periods. Place the jack stands under sturdy sections of the car’s frame to prevent accidental movement during storage.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Properly inflated tires can better maintain their shape during storage, which improves their lifespan. Use a tire pressure gauge to check and inflate the existing tire pressure to the correct readings. Maintaining adequate tire pressure during storage can prevent the hassle of inflating your tires when you are ready to drive. The correct tire pressure can allow your car to handle well and perform optimally when you drive it again.

Find the Best Storage for Cars

The right storage for cars can help secure your vehicle when you are not using it for extended periods. Preparing your car can help keep it in the best condition. The right supplies, like cleaning and detailing products, can protect the car’s paint and finish. Find the best car storage options to keep them secure and in the best condition while not in use.

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