How To Update Your Video Card Drivers Windows 10


In the technical world, staying updated is not just a trend; it’s a must-do thing. When it comes to optimizing your PC for gaming, graphic design, or any visually demanding task, your video card plays a key role. Keeping your video card drivers updated is crucial to ensuring your hardware is giving its best performance. In this blog, we’ll explore the why, the how, and the benefits of updating your video card drivers.

How to Update a Video Card Driver

You rarely need to update the video driver when using a computer in a normal way. However, it’s good practice to continue keeping the visual driver updated if you’re using the computer for video-intensive tasks, gaming, or 3D graphics.


There are many methods that can be difficult and confusing to figure out. Still, your Windows PC is intelligent enough to find what it needs by avoiding the majority of the confusion. All you need to do is know exactly how to ask it to do it. Furthermore, we will learn the step-by-step process of video card updates.

Device Manager

  • On a Windows 10 computer, right-click on the Start icon and choose Device Manager.


  • Windows will show every device connected to and inside your computer. To view all of your computer’s graphics controllers, search for Display Adapters and click the arrow to the left of it.


  • To update your display adapter or graphics card, right-click on its name and choose Update Driver.


  • If you want Windows to look for a more recent driver, it will ask. To find a more recent driver for your card, opt for Search Automatically for Driver Software.


  • Windows will automatically install any updates it finds.

Additionally, if you find these steps confusing you can use the Free Driver Updater Windows 10. By using these free driver updaters you can easily update your PC drivers.

Manufacturer site

To find the most recent drivers for your demanding graphics needs and gaming, you need to visit the website of the graphics card manufacturer directly for many gaming, 3D graphics cards, and high-end videos. Let us see a step-by-step process.


  • On your Windows 10 PC, right-click the Windows icon and choose Device Manager.


  • To view all of your computer’s graphics controllers, locate Display Adapters and click the button to the left of it.


  • Choose Properties by performing a right-click on the name of the video card or display adapter.


  • The pop-up box that appears will provide you with the exact video card model that Windows has installed. Note that down.


  • Visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about your driver.


  • Find your video card model on the website and download a suitable driver for your specific video card model.


  • Right-click on the Windows icon, then choose Device Manager.


  • Expand Display Adapters, then right-click the name of your video card and choose Update Driver > Search My Computer for Driver Software.


  • To find the driver update that you downloaded, select Browse. You can locate your new driver under Users in your Downloads folder, unless you placed it somewhere else. After you’ve found it, pick it and choose OK.


  • Your new driver will start to install on Windows. After completing the steps, restart your computer.

Why Update Your Video Card Drivers?

Performance Boost

A video card’s possible limitation could be drivers that are out of date. A video card’s possible limitation could be drivers that are out of date. To improve functionality, fix issues, and maximize compatibility with the newest software, manufacturers frequently offer updates.

Bug Fixes and Stability

Video card drivers can have problems, just like any other application. Developers are always looking for and resolving these problems. By ensuring that you receive the most recent bug fixes, updating your drivers helps to maintain a dependable and stable system.

Compatibility with the latest Software

As new games and apps are created, they often ask for particular features and optimizations that are included in the most recent driver updates. Updating your video card drivers ensures that the computer uses the latest software.

Security Advancements

Outdated drivers may have safety issues that leave your system open to attacks. By fixing these weaknesses and updating your video card drivers you contribute to a more secure computing experience.


A simple and efficient way to realize your hardware’s full potential is to update the drivers for your video card. You can make sure that your computer is safe, up-to-date, and ready for challenging tasks by being active and knowledgeable. Now go ahead and update your graphics card to perform at your best in your digital field.

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