How to Recover Suspended Account on Facebook

Suspension on your Facebook account might be pretty frustrating for you, and you want to know why it happened. There might be a couple of reasons behind your account suspension.

Observing any suspicious activities, multiple login attempts, using a fake profile, or indulging in any other illegal activity, among many other reasons, compels Facebook to ban your account.

Abusing someone or using inappropriate language might be the biggest offense that you may have committed on Facebook and get banned for.

Privacy and security are the utmost priorities of Facebook and anyone who violates the rules and regulations, whether knowingly or unknowingly, can be banned by them.

There might be several reasons why Facebook suspended my account. This comprehensive guide will acquaint you with all the possible reasons for getting a Facebook account suspended. 

What Are the Reasons for Facebook Account Suspension 

If you are thinking why did Facebook suspend my account then read below. There are several reasons for getting your Facebook account suspended:

  • Using a Fake Name: One of the biggest reasons for a Facebook account to be suspended is using a fake name, as most users choose to use the fake name to promote their businesses. So, always pick your real name to avoid any inconvenience. 
  • Continuously Posting on Wall: Frequent posting of content on groups or friends’ walls might be suspicious to Facebook, as it seems like a bot. In such instances, Facebook kicks off such users and suspends them from logging into their Facebook accounts. 
  • Posting Offensive Content: If you are posting any unethical or offensive posts, pictures, or videos, then your Facebook account might be in trouble, as Facebook may suspend you instantly. Avoid is not sharing any unethical posts on Facebook.
  • Sending Too Many Friend Requests on Facebook: Sometimes, you are sending requests to a large number of people beyond the limits, which may be the cause of your Facebook account being suspended. Sending requests to strangers on Facebook gets reported as something that may hinder accessing your Facebook account.

What Are the Different Ways to Get Back Your Facebook Account 

Have you any idea why Facebook suspended my account? If yes, proceed to recover your Facebook account. 

File an Appeal

To get your Facebook account back, you need to file an appeal that might be helpful to you. To do so, follow the steps.

  1. Firstly you need to visit Facebook’s help support. Where you need to request to unban your suspended account. 
  2. There you have to enter your email address and phone number that is linked to your Facebook account. 
  3. Fill your full name there. 
  4. You should also upload your identity to verify. 
  5. In the end, you have to click on the Send button to review your request.

This process may take few a days. You will be notified via your email ID. 

The officials may review your details and verify them; if all is well, then they will review your suspension and check for mistakes from their side. You should also remember that you have to apply a request under 30 days after suspension. 

If the 30 days are completed of suspension and you haven’t applied for the request then Facebook will disable the account permanently. If you also want to recover your deleted Facebook Account then log into your account within 30 days. 

To Summarize

However, there are several reasons that can suspend your Facebook account such as a fake name, offensive content, too much activity just after creating an account, or if Facebook detects any suspicious activity through your account. If you haven’t done any of this activity still your account is still suspended by Facebook then you should contact the Facebook support team and apply for a request and also submit any of your IDs for verification. 

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