Curling Iron Rod vs. Curling Wand: Which is right for you?

Every woman loves her hair and tries her best to make her hair look wonderful. On occasions, everyone likes to flaunt her hair so several techniques are used to style hair. The most common techniques are straightening, curling, blow dry etc. The heat methods are the most common types of methods adopted these days.

Hair is an important aspect of one’s personality therefore it must not be neglected. The most liked heat hairstyle of these days is the curling of hair.

Curling of hair can be done either by curling iron rod or wand. Therefore, in this article, you’ll find all the relevant details regarding these curling tools. By learning all this information you will be able to find best curling iron price in Pakistan according to the features and can order online from website.

What is a curling rod?

A curling rod is an electronic heating device used to curl hair. It creates stylish and bouncy curls.

What is the difference between both the curling tools?

The curling wand vs. curling iron comparison is as follows:

  • A curling iron rod has a clamp that holds the hair against it and makes precise curls.
  • On the other hand, a curling wand as name suggests is a wand-like tool that doesn’t have a clamp and the hair is wrapped around it manually and held against it.
  • The curls produced by a wand are loose and flat.

Which is the best curling device?

Selecting the best hair-curling device is something that everyone struggles with.

So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both hair curlers to decide which is right for you.

Curling Iron Rods

  1. Curling iron rods are ideal for everyone who desires uniform curls on every type of hair length.


  1. The benefit of a curling rod is that it produces long-lasting curls and can also be used as a hair straightening tool.


  1. The cons of hair curling iron rod are that the heat from it can make your hair dry and damage them.

Curling Wands:

  1. Curling wands are ideal for medium-length hair and for people who like to have loose bouncy curls.


  1. A curling wand is great for messy hair and even for already curly hair for touch-ups. Moreover, as hair is not clipped to a hot rod the are low chances of damage.


  1. Wands have a higher risk of burn so must be handled carefully. Furthermore, they can be difficult to use on short hair.

How can I choose the right tool for my hair?

Choosing the right curling tool depends on the following points:

  1. Hair type
  2. Types of curls you like, lose or precise
  3. Length of your hair
  4. Type of curler you can comfortably use.

Furthermore, if you still can’t make a hair curler rod or wand decision, that what kind of tool is ideal for you, you can contact your hairdresser for great advice. Professional advice is the best at this moment as your hairdresser will be aware of your hair type.

Are heating tools unhealthy for hair?

Excessive use of heating tools like straighteners, curlers and blow dry can damage your hair.

Heat styling tools can cause:

  1. hair breakage
  2. split ends
  3. Thinning of hair
  4. hair fall

Hair that is exposed to high heat changes the shape of keratin which results in weaker hair. Therefore, it is advisable to limit the use of her styling tools to prevent permanent damage. However, if your hair is already damaged, it is high time you stop the regular use of these tools and look after your hair.

These are few steps to manage damaged hair:

  1. Set the temperature of your straightener around 200-300 F
  2. Limit the use of the heat tools
  3. Apply conditioner, creams and argon oil
  4. Cut the split or bad ends of your hair
  5. Use heat protectant
  6. Air dry your hair whenever possible.

These are a few tips that can help you in making your damaged hair better.

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