15 MS Excel Shortcuts Keys & Tricks That’ll Save You Lots of Time

15 MS Excel Shortcuts Keys & Tricks That'll Save You Lots of Time

Before delving into the 15 MS Excel shortcuts keys, tips and tricks that can save you valuable time it’s essential to have a solid foundation in computer fundamentals. Understanding basic concepts like file management, keyboard shortcuts and navigating operating systems can significantly enhance your efficiency when using software applications like Microsoft Excel. With a strong grasp of these fundamental computer skills you’ll be better equipped to harness the full potential of Excel’s capabilities and streamline your data-related tasks.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis and organization but it can be time-consuming if you’re not familiar with MS Excel shortcuts keys, formulas, keyboard shortcuts and tricks. Here we’ll explore 15 Excel tips and techniques that can save you valuable time and improve your productivity. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user these tips will help you work more efficiently and effectively in Excel.


  1. Excel Formulas to Streamline Your Work:

– SUM Function: Easily add up numbers in a range.

– VLOOKUP: Quickly search for and retrieve data.

– CONCATENATE: This keyboard shortcut combine text from different cells.

– IF Function: Create logical conditions and calculations.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts for Speedy Navigation:

– Ctrl + Arrow Keys: Navigate quickly through data.

– Ctrl + Page Up/Page Down: Move between sheets of a workbook.

– Ctrl + Home: Return to cell A1.

   – Ctrl + Spacebar: Select an entire column.

  1. Data Validation and Drop-Down Lists:

– Create dropdown menus to standardize data entry.

– Set up data validation rules to minimize errors.

  1. PivotTables for Data Analysis:

– Analyze large datasets with ease.

– It Generate summary reports with just a few clicks within no time.

  1. Flash Fill for Data Cleanup:

– Automatically format and extract data.

– Ideal for cleaning up messy data (you are not using).

  1. AutoSummarize for Long Texts:

– Create a concise summary of lengthy text.

– Useful for document analysis and research.

  1. Custom Number Formats:

– Display data in a format that suits your needs or the format you want.

– Add currency symbols, decimals, and more.

  1. Conditional Formatting for Visual Insights:

– Highlight cells based on specific conditions you applied on it.

– Enhance data visualization.

  1. Quick Analysis Tool:

– Get instant recommendations for data formatting.

– Access charts, tables, and totals in seconds.

  1. Excel’s Goal Seek:

– Find the input value to achieve a desired result.

– Useful for financial modeling and planning.

  1. Freeze Panes for Better Scrolling:

– Lock rows and columns to keep headings visible.

– Stay organized when working with large datasets.

  1. Use the Fill Handle:

– Automatically fill in sequences, dates and patterns.

– Save time on data entry.

  1. Excel Add-Ins for Specialized Tasks:

– Enhance Excel’s functionality with add-ins.

– Find tools for specific tasks like data analysis or project management.

  1. Protect Your Worksheets and Workbooks:

– Password protect sensitive data.

– Control who can edit or view your files.

  1. Excel Online for Collaboration:

– Collaborate with others in real-time.

– Edit and share spreadsheets from anywhere.


What is the quickest way to sum a column of numbers in Excel?

 – You can use the SUM function to add up numbers in a column. Select the cell where you want the total type “=SUM(“select the range of numbers and close with a “)”.

How do I create a dropdown list in Excel?

 Go to the Data tab, choose Data Validation and select “List” as the source. Then specify the list of items you want in your dropdown.

What is a PivotTable and why should I use it?

A PivotTable is a powerful tool for summarizing and analyzing large datasets. It helps you create reports and gain insights from your data with ease.

How can I protect my Excel files from unauthorized access?

 You can password-protect your worksheets and workbooks. Go to the File tab, choose Info and then select Protect Workbook or Protect Sheet.

What are Excel Add-Ins and how can they help me?

 Excel Add-Ins are third-party tools that extend Excel’s functionality. They can help you with tasks like advanced data analysis, project management and more.

By preparing these MS Excel Shortcuts Keys, formulas, keyboard shortcuts and tricks into your workflow, you can save time, reduce errors and become a more efficient Excel user. Whether you’re using Excel for work or personal projects these tips will undoubtedly make your life easier.

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