7 Tips for Negotiating With Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

Dealing with an auto collision can be challenging if it involves injuries and property damage. Tennessee law offers one the right to compensation for losses after a car accident. Partnering with a car accident lawyer and seeking more knowledge about the process can help you maximize your compensation. Here are seven tips for negotiating with insurance companies after an auto collision:

1. Initiate Your Claim Promptly

Successful auto collision claims need solid supporting evidence. Key evidence to support your claim starts vanishing soon after a collision. Contacting your insurance company and car accident lawyer optimizes the evidence-collecting process. To avoid claim denials, accurately communicate the crash’s specifics to your insurance provider. The sooner you communicate, the more accurate your memory concerning the incident will be. If you can’t immediately initiate a claim with the insurer, write down all details about the accident.

2. Value Your Compensation

Receiving a deserved settlement requires sending a demand letter to the insurer handling your case. Accurately calculate your claim’s value to get worthy compensation. Determine your medical care-related costs, total lost wages due to injuries, intangible and tangible damages, and any disabilities caused by the collision. An appropriate, detailed, and documented account of your damages can assist your secure a fair settlement. 

3. Ignore Initial Offers

Insurance providers close out claims as soon as possible for very little to protect their profit margins. Following an accident, most claimants don’t know the exact value of their claims. Adjusters rely on claimants’ financial needs and may tempt you with fast, easy disbursements, much less than you deserve. Expect several counteroffers before you secure a fair settlement. Be patient and persistent, as negotiations may take several months.

4. Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident claim is lengthy and complicated if you have to endure the process alone. Seek legal assistance from a licensed and experienced car accident attorney when negotiating a settlement. A skilled attorney understands the rules, gaps, and strategies insurers use to deny you a fair settlement. Their knowledge and experience can strengthen your claim and optimize your negotiations. They will negotiate with insurance providers on your behalf and advocate for your rights. Check their accreditation and pick one specializing in car accident and personal injury cases.

5. Check Facts and Don’t Speculate

Claim adjusters may want to talk to you for a detailed account of your accident. They may use your statement against you. They can also use speculations to justify a low figure during a settlement. Stay honest about the incident, and don’t reveal anything that may be used against you. Consult your attorney for advice regarding what you should divulge during claim negotiations. 

6. Follow Your Doctor’s Guidelines

Follow through with your medical plan if you have received medical treatment for bodily injuries and have initiated a treatment plan. Failure to complete your treatment may cause more health complications the insurance company may not compensate. It may result in a claim denial by insurers. 

7. Review and Understand Your Insurance Policy

Familiarize yourself with your entire policy’s clauses, coverage areas, and exclusions. That will assist you in keeping your negotiations within the provisions of the coverage and avoid negotiating for exclusions. Review policy and settlement contracts to check for deceitful clauses in agreement forms. Insurers may use devious authorization forms with clauses granting unrestricted access to your medical records. Insurance providers may use past injuries or medical conditions unrelated to your accident to deny you a claim or to justify unfair compensation.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer Today

Dealing with insurance claims adjusters following a collision can be difficult. You’re dealing with injuries and other losses that may hinder your negotiations. The above tips may assist you in streamlining your negotiation and optimizing your chances of fair compensation. A reputable attorney can guide you on legal rights and cover your case on a contingency fee. Start your search for a reputable car accident attorney near you.


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