The Secrets of Body Language

What we say out loud in negotiations is only sometimes perceived by others as objective truth. The reason may be gestures, looks, or other non-verbal behavior that conveys a different message. Sometimes we seem to agree with the interlocutor, but something prevents us from taking their side.

Is someone crossing their arms across their chest? You will get the impression that they are a closed person. And, in fact, he just froze. Let’s understand the subtleties of non-verbal communication to avoid such mistakes.

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Body Languages

Let’s talk about secret human gestures during communication. They usually help to recognize a person and his hidden desires. And also to behave in a certain way in a meeting.


There are still entrepreneurs who do not understand the essence of such a traditional element of the business protocol as a handshake and underestimate its importance. But the handshake determines the scenarios of all important meetings and negotiations and often says things about your business interlocutors that you could not have imagined.

The nature of the handshake can make a lot of conclusions about the personality of your potential partner or job applicant. A strong, pressing handshake indicates that your interlocutor may be overbearing, arrogant, insensitive, and lacking respect for the other person’s boundaries. A weak handshake can indicate his fearfulness and uncertainty.

Body Gestures

Pay attention to and control your postures and gestures. For example, hands in pockets when the director communicates with employees may carry the following non-verbal message: “I am a significant person. I’m not comfortable being in such a miserable place right now. I have exactly 20 minutes to talk to you.” Even if the top manager says the traditional things for such a speech, such as, “I’m happy to have the opportunity to meet with you today.

Be congruent. That is, to broadcast verbally and non-verbally the same message, coordinate words, and gestures. Always remember the rule of first impression. It is formed in 7 seconds.

How to make it so that it is positive? There are some essential points – secrets:

  • Set up in a positive mood before a meeting or presentation.
  • Watch your posture.
  • Keep eye contact with the audience.
  • Use the so-called active listening to the interlocutor.

Use leadership gestures. Your movements should be smooth and controlled, mostly at waist level. Your palms should be open and your body free.

And the last important tip – smile! Remember that a smile has a charming effect on other people and positively impacts their attitude toward you. And that means it helps you to solve your business problems.

Repetition of your gestures: the person is comfortable communicating with you

If the conversation goes well, the partners copy each other’s posture and gestures. Friends and lovers involuntarily repeat each other’s movements. It happens because we feel a connection with that person. Try this gesture to hire a car for travel or on business, for example, in communicating with an agent car hiring offers.

Visual contact: the person shows interest in you

Eye-to-eye contact puts us in a heightened state of activity. The gaze of a stranger makes us nervous or even frightened. And the look of a person we like, on the contrary, leads to excitement. It all depends on the situation.

Seem more confident

First, watch your hands – arms crossed on the chest, trying to rub the edges of clothing or any objects give away nervousness. Therefore, during public speaking engagements or in conversation with people, try to keep your palms open: at a subconscious level, this gesture is perceived as a signal that you have nothing to hide.

Become more attractive

Demonstrate a lively interest in the conversation. To do this, you can slightly raise your eyebrows, which your interlocutor will perceive as a sign of curiosity. The body’s tilt towards the interlocutor and a slight tilt of the head to the shoulder are also signs of interest.

One way to show your interlocutor’s friendly attitude is to stand beside him, next to his shoulder – this gives a non-verbal signal that you are on his side and support his decision.

How to spot a lie

In the process of communication, a person often touches his nose. An adrenaline rush may cause the desire to scratch. Sometimes this phenomenon is mistakenly called the Pinocchio syndrome – supposedly, the cheater’s nose grows.

A person often touches his face, rubs his eyes, or tries to cover his mouth with his hand. These movements betray excitement and unconscious attempts to separate oneself from the other person.


Thus, by understanding the secrets of body language, you can discover the person’s secret desires and positively influence the interlocutor using certain gestures.







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