Amazing Ways To Celebrate Your Loved Ones Birthday Who Is Living In A Hostel

Birthdays are one of the special occasions that come once every year. Every individual gets excited as their birthday approaches and starts expecting gifts and surprises from their loved ones. It is easy to plan and celebrate your loved ones’ special day when they are at home or near you, but what if they are living in a hostel or a faraway place? How will you celebrate their day in this situation?

Technology and e-commerce have paved ways for you to connect with each other from a distance. Now, you can find multiple ways to make your loved ones feel appreciated, remembered, and special on their birthday. Do you want to know some excellent ideas that can help you make your day even better and more memorable? Dive in with us and look at some suggestions that you can consider to celebrate your loved one’s special day.

1] Personalized Video Message

Nothing can be compared to the celebration that includes all the family members, friends, close relatives, and neighbors. But it is not possible to organize a party like this if your birthday person is in the hostel. So what if family and relatives cannot be physically present with them? Their heartfelt wishes and blessings still count.

Before the birthday, you can gather short video messages from family members and other close ones and compile them together to make a full-length video. You can add a song in the background and some pop-up texts in between the videos. Send this video on the day to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

2] Midnight Surprise

If your loved one is living in a hostel, then it gets easier for you to plan a surprise perfectly, as they will never be able to get any hints. You can contact and coordinate with their hostel friends or roommates and plan a midnight surprise. For this, you can get a cake delivery in Noida or the city where the hostel is from the nearby bakery. It will be best to order a cake of his/ her favorite flavor, such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc. You can also visit the hostel yourself with cake and gifts if it is not against the rules to surprise your loved one.

3] Snail Mail Surprise

You can send a letter or card to your loved one in the hostel to wish him/ her on his/her birthday. Prepare this heartfelt letter prior to the birthday and include a small gift that can fit in the envelope, such as trinkets, bracelets, chains, keyrings, earrings, and many more. You can also send a novel or book that your loved one has wanted to read to make him/ her happy.

4] Virtual Party

You can organize a virtual birthday party for your loved ones on one of the platforms. Applications such as Whatsapp, Google Meet, Zoom, etc., allow video conferencing facilities that are great for connecting everyone from different corners.

You can also invite your loved one’s hostel mates to make it more memorable. While you guys are on the video call, you can have a cake-cutting ceremony, play games, share stories, and more. This will make the birthday person feel loved and overwhelmed.

5] Online Gift Delivery

You can send chocolate cake, a favorite book, a flower bouquet, a snack, dragees, and some other gifts on his/her birthday. There are several online sites that offer same-day delivery, so you can avail of their service and get the gifts and cake delivered to his/ her hostel. This is the best way to pamper your loved ones while you are away from them.

6] Hostel Room Décor

If it is possible for you to get in touch with the hostel warden, then you can plan a birthday room décor to surprise your loved one. You can either visit the hostel with the warden’s permission or send some decorative items so that his/ her roommates can do it themselves. Balloons, ribbons, backdrops, scented candles, birthday sash, etc., are some necessary décor items that you can order and get delivered at the hostel.

7] Online Movie Night

Do you want to watch a movie with the birthday person on their special day? If yes, then you can binge-watch some of his/ her favorite movies together on different platforms. This will make the day unforgettable as the birthday person will realize your love and efforts. Also, you must ensure that both of you are sitting with a bowl of popcorn, as movies must be enjoyed with snacks and beverages.


In conclusion, the main purpose of putting all the effort is to make your loved one’s birthday memorable even when he/ she is in the hostel. You can send gifts and cakes to the hostel, surprise him/ her with hand-written letters, or plan a hostel room décor. No matter what way you choose, you must contact and coordinate with the hostel warden and roommates.

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