Which Airline Is Better: Southwest or Spirit?

The war of the low cost airlines or Southwest vs Spirit pits two respectable companies that offer reasonable travel choices for tourists on a tight budget.

If cost is not an issue for you or you have a preferred airline already, it’s a good idea to scrounge around the internet for the best airfare offers. After all, a major portion of any traveler’s total travel budget goes into airfare on any given trip.

When arranging a trip on a tight budget, one of the first things to do is to look for ways to reduce your air travel expenses. Let’s introduce budget airlines. They aren’t as fancy as some of their opulent counterparts, but they nonetheless do the job you pay them to do. Get you from Point A to Point B, in other words.

Southwest Airlines and Spirit are the two US airlines spearheading the push against other airlines. This post will compare the two airlines in-depth, discussing how they complement one another, how they differ, and who could be the ideal candidate to fly with which one!

Regarding Southwest Airlines

Before delving into the Spirit vs Southwest Airlines discussion, let’s take a quick look at Southwest Airlines. With its headquarters in Dallas, it is the biggest low-cost airline in the world.

In addition to operating routes in ten other countries, Southwest Airlines serves 115 airports in the United States. Of the two examined in this article, it has been functioning for the longest, carrying people for more than 50 years.

Their reputation is built on letting “bags fly free.” This implies that each ticketed traveler is entitled to two complimentary bag checks.

Regarding Spirit Airlines

The main draw of Spirit Airlines is its extremely low prices. It provides an optional baggage fee, additional carry-ons, premium seating, snacks, and drinks.

Additionally, they provide travel insurance, which is naturally advised when traveling. However, TravelInsurance.com, a firm we like, lets you compare prices so you can be sure you’re getting the greatest coverage and costs.

Another well-known trait of Spirit is its indifference to carry-on luggage. You should purchase a bag that will fit in their sizer if you intend to travel with this low-cost airline. The Crew VersaPack Rolling UnderSeat Carry-On from Travelpro is my favorite.

Which Is Different Between Spirit and Southwest?

Difference 1: Its flight route

Upon comparing Spirit with Southwest, certain distinctions become apparent right away. Southwest has approximately 87,000 weekly flights to 177 locations, according to Skyscanner. Spirit, on the other hand, serves 90 destinations with a far lower weekly average of more than 6,000 flights.

When comparing the destinations that the two airlines fly to in the United States, there is a clear difference. Southwest Airlines is more centrally positioned, with its primary hub close to downtown Dallas and a flying network that includes national routes. You can travel the nation when you fly with them, according to one of their catchphrases.

Based in Florida is Spirit Airlines. Given that they do operate flights to and from important west coast cities, it simply makes logical that their focus is primarily on the eastern part of the United States. However, Spirit Airlines might offer the greatest prices if you’re traveling to most major east coast towns.

Difference 2: Making Travel Plans

Online travel agencies such as Thrifty Traveler and Going.com (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) make it simple to book flights with Spirit.

With Southwest Airlines, though, your alternatives are more limited. Yes, just like with Spirit, you can still make your reservation directly with Southwest on their website or over the phone.

However, this is essentially your only choice. Southwest corporate customers are the only ones with an extra booking option; they can book through Kayak to get amazing discounts. Finding tickets and comparing prices for Southwest flights is indeed made more difficult by this.

Difference 2: Baggage Regulations

The luggage policies also varied significantly. You can check two pieces of luggage for free on Southwest Airlines. You must use the bag calculator on Spirit’s website to obtain precise pricing for checked baggage.

Paying for your bags in advance will save you money. The cost of any baggage paid for at the airport ends up being higher.

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