Explore Top 10 Things to See and Do in Gangnam Seoul

Gangnam, the district of Seoul, is the best fusion of tradition and modernity. The district is also famous for luxurious shopping, nightlife and attractive spots. This district is also the right option that provides many services to travellers.

This blog is designed to help you explore 10 things that you must discover in Gangnam. Also, if you want to know about the best high-end in Gangnam, then click at https://gangnam-ten5.com to first know about this specialities.

Gangnam Ten5 

It is among the luxurious of Gangnam, which allow you to enjoy a high-end experience with vibrant ambience and luxurious cocktails. The is also the right option to enjoy a sophisticated and relaxing night with DGs and a jazz band. It means you can feel lively and active at this place while enjoying your drinks and dancing on the floor.

All the drinks at this are wonderful. The skilled provide you with all types of drinks, whether it is premium cocktails or spirits. You may also find whisky and gin at this. Check out https://gangnam-ten5.com to know their entire services.

Gangnam Style Horse Dance

Unlock new adventures of life with Gangnam-style horse dance near the COEX, which allows you to enjoy your life to the fullest and take memorable photos in the Gangnam pose.

COEX Mall and Aquarium

Your Gangnam visit is incomplete without visiting COEX mall, which is among the largest shopping malls in Asia. Here you can explore different shops, restaurants and a beautiful aquarium which shows a wide variety of marine life.

Bongeunsa Temple

This temple is a sign of calmness in the busy city of Gangnam. The temple is attractive, with peaceful places, green gardens, musing sessions and architecture.

Gangnam Underground Shopping

Not only can you explore the streets of Gangnam, but you can also explore many hidden gems in underground shopping streets. These are full of luxurious boutiques and handicraft shops that allow you to discover many new items.



Seonjeongneung Royal Tombs

It is a UNESCO World Heritage spot that allows you to discover the royal tombs of two famous celebrities, the Joseon king and queen. So you can enjoy the royal history at this tomb.

Gourmet Dining

Gangnam is also famous for its delightful cuisines, such as street food, international food, and Korean , which allows you to explore different tastes at restaurants and cafes.

Apgujeong Rodeo Street

This street is famous for many high-class boutiques and stores, which allow you to explore all types of clothing and give you a luxurious shopping experience.

K-Star Road

If you love K-pop, then you must visit K-start Road, rich in signatures of K-pop idols, which attract many fans.

Gangnamcheon Stream Park

Walk around the stream park in your free time. It is among the green urban landscapes and allows you to enjoy the environment, greenery, and walking paths.


Gangnam offers many better experiences, from shopping to dining to culture to serene moments. Whether you want to enjoy Gangnam dancing style shop at COEX, enjoy cocktails at Gangnam ten5 , or visit https://gangnam-ten5.com, you will get every experience. So don’t wait and enjoy the vibrant ambience of this district!

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