Who gets priority boarding on Allegiant?

When flying with Allegiant Airlines, priority boarding is a game changer. It allows you to avoid long lineups, rest comfortably in your seat, and stress-free store your carry-ons. If you’re looking for cheap Allegiant flights, the Booking Trolley is the place to go. Call +1-585-935-7101 for more information or to make a reservation. In this instructive blog, find out who qualifies for Allegiant’s priority boarding.

Understanding Allegiant Airlines

Before we go into priority boarding, let’s get to know Allegiant Airlines. Allegiant Air, also known simply as Allegiant, is an American ultra-low-cost carrier recognized for offering some of the industry’s cheapest flights. They specialize in delivering low-cost travel options to numerous destinations across the United States. Allegiant is a good option if you’re looking for a cheap way to get to your destination.

Allegiant provides both charter and scheduled flights. The airline’s main market is leisure travelers, and it frequently flies to smaller regional airports, which can be more convenient for travelers who want to avoid the crowds and trouble of major airports.

What is Priority Boarding?

Many airlines, including Allegiant, provide priority boarding, which permits guests to board the aircraft before the main boarding process begins. It is often available for a price or as a reward for select passengers, such as members of loyalty programs or passengers with specified ticket categories.

Who Gets Priority Boarding on Allegiant?

  • Allegiant World Mastercard Holders: Allegiant offers its co-branded Allegiant World Mastercard, which includes many perks such as priority boarding. Cardholders can board before of other passengers, ensuring they have enough time to obtain their preferred seats and overhead bin space.
  • Allegiant Nonstop Family: Priority boarding is available to families traveling with children under the age of 15. This service allows families to board early, allowing them to settle down and prepare for the flight without having to navigate a packed cabin.
  • Allegiant 55+: On Allegiant Air flights, passengers aged 55 and over receive priority boarding. This benefit provides seniors with a stress-free boarding experience, allowing them to board early and easily find their seats.
  • Allegiant Fare Bundles: Allegiant provides fare packages with advantages like as “Priority,” which includes priority boarding. Passengers who purchase this package will enjoy priority boarding as well as additional benefits like as free seat selection and a complimentary beverage.
  • Purchase Priority Boarding: Don’t worry if you don’t fit into any of the following categories. Priority boarding is also available as an add-on when booking your travel with Allegiant. For a charge, you can acquire early boarding privileges, assuring a stress-free start to your journey.

How to Secure Priority Boarding on Allegiant

To ensure you get priority boarding on Allegiant Airlines, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Become an Allegiant World Mastercard Holder: If you frequently fly with Allegiant, consider applying for an Allegiant World Mastercard. This will not only allow you priority boarding but will also provide you with other benefits such as extra points and savings on in-flight purchases.
  • Choose the Right Fare Bundle: When booking your Allegiant flight, look into the various fare bundles available. If you want priority boarding and other benefits, select the “Priority” bundle.
  • Family Travel: If you’re traveling with children under the age of 15 or with a senior family, make sure to take advantage of the priority boarding perks available to these groups.
  • Purchase Priority Boarding: If none of the above options apply to you, you can always add priority boarding as an add-on during the booking process. It’s an easy way to get early boarding.

Booking Your Allegiant Flight

To book your Allegiant flight and examine the numerous options, go to the Booking Trolley website or phone +1-585-935-7101 for help. The Booking Trolley provides an easy-to-use interface for searching for flights, comparing fares, and adding any needed enhancements, such as priority boarding.

When booking your flight, have all of your information ready, including the day and time you want to fly, your destination, and any special requests.


Priority boarding on Allegiant Airlines is a vital feature that can improve your travel experience, particularly if you prefer a stress-free departure. There are several methods to get priority boarding, whether you have an Allegiant World Mastercard, are part of a family, or just want to add this option to your booking. When deciding on the best option for you, keep your travel needs and tastes in mind. Happy flying with Allegiant!

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