5 Factors That Determine Diamond Quality

The jewelry business has never been more competitive. As more people opt for luxury items to show off on social media, the competition among jewelers has also increased. Nowadays, as a jeweler, you are competing with the world as online shops allow customers to find the best jewelry pieces that suit their style and budget.

Standing out amid the competition is a must to thrive in your business and create a sustainable work environment. The quality of your diamonds plays a massive role in bringing people in with your designs. These gems are the first thing to stand out in high-end luxury pieces, and having the best quality will propel your business into the luxury market.

Accordingly, buying the right gems is essential. To do this, you must note five crucial factors before purchasing diamonds from your supplier.

1. The Weight Of The Diamond

The carat weight of a diamond is the most obvious factor to look out for when purchasing it. Usually, the bigger the diamond, the more expensive it is. The value of a diamond will not diminish over time, no matter how many decades it has been around.

However, if you want to stand out, you can invest in recycled diamonds to give your customers better value. Moreover, you will be appealing to a growing number of people looking to make eco-conscious purchases.

Investing in recycled diamonds is an excellent way to conduct your business sustainably. You will be respecting the environment and minimizing the amount of land erosion and other negative environmental impacts caused by mining.

Your business will thrive with these types of gems as well. Recycled diamonds allow your clients to purchase a bigger diamond at a lower price. Since recycled diamonds do not have the added overheads of the mining industry, the price will be slightly lower than newly mined diamonds.

The critical thing to note here is that the value of recycled diamonds remains the same, regardless of how many decades they have been in the market. Moreover, all recycled diamonds come with a certificate listing all their details as if they were newly mined diamonds.

2. The Quality Of The Cut

Although a large diamond will reflect the overall price, as a jeweler, you must also prioritize the quality of the diamond’s cut when selecting gems from suppliers. Accordingly, it is essential to understand what an excellent cut looks like because the better the cut, the more brilliant and beautiful the diamond will be.

The gem will also reflect light more beautifully with a great cut and emit maximum sparkle, which all customers want in a diamond.

The GIA rates the cuts from excellent to poor, so if you want quality designs, opt for higher-grade cuts when purchasing diamonds. Be sure to look out for the symmetry of the diamond as well. The cut must reflect a balanced proportion to enhance its value and beauty.

3. The Color Of The Diamond

As a jeweler, you know that colorless diamonds are more sought after. These exceptional D-grade diamonds are rare, so their value is also heightened. Suppose your business focuses on high-end jewelry, including engagement rings. In that case, it is best to invest in colorless diamonds or at least those higher in the color grade scale to ensure your customers have a quality diamond with no poor coloring.

If your business offers unique designs, consider lower-grade-colored diamonds that may have a brown or yellow tint. These diamonds can add character to your designs. They may even create a vintage or old-world design vibe.

4. The Clarity Grade Of The Diamond

Before speaking to a diamond supplier, a clear vision of your jewelry designs is vital because you should choose different clarity-graded diamonds for various designs. Choosing a high-clarity grade diamond is essential to exude luxury and flawless design for high-end jewelry, including engagement rings or tennis bracelets.

Diamonds that are certified as perfect or have few blemishes and inclusions work best here. These are the diamonds that have no flaws under 10x magnification. In contrast, you can invest in lower-clarity graded diamonds for less visible applications.

5. The Shape Of The Diamond

The shape of the diamond will also determine the price of your designs, as the more in-demand a shape is, the more value you can place on the price. Generally, round-shaped diamonds are more popular because they look more extensive, and the oval shape has sky-rocketed in popularity ever since Blake Lively showed off her oval-shaped engagement ring.

Even so, when choosing the diamonds to invest in, only you can say what is most in demand. Listen to your clients, be present on your social media pages, and see what people are looking for so you do not disappoint them when they purchase one of your designs.


As a jeweler, there is a fine line between following and setting trends that you must tread carefully. Investing in valuable and high-quality diamonds is the first step to creating alluring designs that will make your clients want to spend money. Although you can always opt for newly mined diamonds, there is a more noble option out there if you want to participate in the fight against climate change.

With recycled diamonds, you will prevent more damage to the planet and offer your customers better value for money. These sustainable diamond options come with a touch of history and quality with no added overheads.

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