Which Rooms Should You Remodel in Your Home First?

A good number of people probably know that remodeling their homes is the best way to improve their value and give their lifestyle an upgrade. What many may not know is the specific rooms to remodel in order to get the best returns. By figuring out which these specific rooms are, it’s possible to work on home improvements in a strategic way that will give you the best outcome overall. Here are some of the rooms in your home that it’s best to remodel first.

The Bathrooms

The bathrooms are a great space to think about remodeling first. That’s because they’re generally used a lot, and they’re among the spaces in a house whose trends change often. That said, the bathroom in your house needs to be remodeled if your home is an older one. This is a real concern since most homes in the United States need to be remodeled as 80% of them are a minimum of 20 years old.

The bathroom also has a large number of possible remodels that can be done to improve it. These include repainting the walls, installing new open shelves, and changing the bathroom fixtures. You could also style up the bathroom mirror by adding a frame or other decorative element around it. Each of these details will get you closer to getting a bathroom that’s modern, comfortable, and spacious.

The Kitchen

Another popular space in the house and therefore a great one to remodel is the kitchen. The state of your kitchen can impact many aspects of your lifestyle at home, including how often you prepare your own meals and eat as a family. It can also impact the value of your home, giving it a boost if it’s done right. Note that the renovations that recouped the most significant costs when a home was sold included minor kitchen remodels and siding replacement both at 78% for fiber-cement. For vinyl, the value was 75%, while wooden deck additions were valued at 72% according to the Cost vs Value Report of 2020 from Remodeling Magazine, an industry trade publication.

The Living Room

The living room is the space in any house where most families will spend a good part of their time indoors together. In addition, it’s the space that will be used for entertaining guests, so remodeling it is a great way to boost the value and appeal of your home’s interior. From repainting the walls to replacing or re-upholstering the furniture, there are many things that you can do to this space.

You can even give the living room windows a thorough cleaning or an upgrade so that they let in more light and also allow a clearer view of the landscape. Remember that a good landscape design can add up to 20% to the value of your home, according to Bob Vila. That’s because it’s going to be clearly visible from the street, so keeping it in great shape and remodeling the living room is sure to have a big impact. It will ensure that your house offers an amazing experience from the moment someone drives up to it to the moment they walk through your living room doors.

The Bedrooms

Last but not least, the rooms to add to your priority remodels list are the bedrooms in your home. These should each reflect the lifestyle of the individual to whom the room belongs while also maintaining the theme in the rest of your home, at least to some extent. Pick details to remodel that are going to ensure that each bedroom is comfortable and relaxing, as these are both important qualities for a bedroom to have so it can serve its purpose well.

These are the rooms in your home that you should remodel first when you decide that you’d like to give your home an update. They’ll make an amazing statement and can also improve your family’s comfort. Your home will truly be a sanctuary where you enjoy sharing time as you bond and share fulfilling moments with each other.

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