Mariana Dillogah Marks Another Successful Whitsun Weekend With Her “Old Sweetheart”

Mariana Dillogah Freudenberg, a motorsport racer from Freudenberg, was excited about the upcoming Whitsun weekend with her green Porsche 911. The Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit was hosting the GLP as part of the Nürburgring Classics. In this event, the aim was not to achieve the fastest time, but rather to maintain consistent lap times down to the hundredth of a second, with no laps faster than 2 minutes and 48 seconds.

Although this posed a challenge for Mariana as a racing driver, she participated in the first two GLPs, only to find that she was still too fast and not accurate enough, resulting in a disqualification and a 15th place finish. However, on Saturday afternoon, a new race called the Woman’s only – 2fast4you was launched in association with the Nürburgring Classic. This race was exclusively for women and followed the same regularity format.

For the Woman’s only race, Mariana had the experienced co-pilot Renate Baier supporting her from the passenger seat. Mariana credited Renate with expertly guiding her to achieve evenly-paced and precise lap times. Their efforts paid off as they emerged as the winners of the first Woman’s only race and proudly stood at the top of the podium.

On Sunday, the third rally of the Rhineland Cup Championship was held in Nümbrecht. For this race, Mariana relied on the guidance of her co-pilot Michael Reineck from Niederndorf. Mariana and Michael competed together throughout the championship season in their Porsche 911. The rally, organized by the MSC Nümbrecht, presented them with challenging stages, tight corners, and a demanding time limit.

Although they finished in second place, just behind the winners Tessling/Tessling, Mariana expressed satisfaction with their performance. The result allowed them to accumulate valuable points and move up to third place overall in the championship standings. It was undoubtedly a successful weekend for Mariana Dillogah Freudenberg, the devoted motorsport athlete from the Siegerland, and her beloved green Porsche 911.


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