Cashalo: Changing the Philippines Financial Inclusion System


The financial landscape is changing remarkably in the era of digitization and quick technological development. The growth of fintech businesses, which is altering how we access and manage our accounts, is one of the most noticeable shifts. Cashalo is one such business that has gained notoriety in the Philippines. This article discusses Cashalo’s world and how it is transforming financial inclusion in the Philippines.


 Overview of Cashalo


In 2018, the Filipino fintech business Cashalo was established. Its goal is to offer accessible and reasonably priced financial services to the underbanked and unbanked people in the Philippines. It makes use of the influence of social media with a focus on financial inclusion.


 Concerning Financial Exclusion


Understanding the issue that it seeks to solve—financial exclusion—is crucial before exploring how the company is changing the game. Financial exclusion describes how many people, especially those with low incomes or who live in rural areas, have restricted access to typical banking services. This group includes a sizable proportion of the people of the Philippines.


About 51% of Filipino adults do not have a bank account, according to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the country’s central bank. This indicates that formal financial services like savings accounts, Cashalo loans, and credit are inaccessible to more than half of the adult population. For both individuals and the nation as a whole, this financial exclusion can be a huge roadblock to economic stability and prosperity.


 How Cashalo is Changing Things


Through its cutting-edge methodology, it is having a significant impact on financial inclusion in the Philippines. The following are some significant ways that Cashalo is altering the financial landscape:


 1. Online Credit


Digital credit is one of Cashalo’s hallmark products. It provides rapid and convenient loans through its mobile app to Filipinos who might not have access to traditional lending. Users have the option to request loans ranging from small sums for regular costs to larger sums for emergencies or commercial needs.


Online credit applications are easy to complete, and traditional banks usually respond to requests more swiftly. This easy access to finance can be a game-changer for folks who previously had limited options when facing financial difficulties.


Additionally, Cashalo has added features that make it even simpler for people to acquire the appropriate financial solutions, like personalized loan suggestions based on user financial behavior.




 2. Financial Literacy


It understands the importance of financial literacy for long-term financial inclusion. The business addresses this by offering tools and resources for education within its app. Users have access to articles, courses, and suggestions for handling their money wisely.


By empowering people to make wise financial decisions, our commitment to financial education helps people build more secure financial futures for themselves and their families. To make sure that consumers have access to the most recent financial information and insights, continues to invest in developing its instructional offerings by Cashalo requirements.



 3. Collaboration and ecosystem development


It is aware that in order to achieve financial inclusion, collaboration with various stakeholders would be required. The business has partnered with retailers, financial institutions, and other businesses to expand its market and offer more comprehensive financial solutions.


By developing an ecosystem of partners, It can offer users a greater choice of services, from mobile payments to insurance products. This ecosystem-based approach helps users, local companies, and the general economy while also providing benefits to users.



 4. Convenience and Flexibility


The mobile app from Cashalo was made with user convenience in mind. Users can receive financial services whenever they choose, without having to go to physical banks or stick to regular banking hours. People with busy schedules or limited access to transportation will especially benefit from this level of flexibility.


Bill payment options, digital wallets, and budgeting tools are just a few of the new features that it has added to its app in an effort to make users’ financial management more convenient and adaptable.


5. Credit Development


Building a credit history can be extremely difficult for many unbanked people. By informing credit bureaus about users’ repayment patterns, Cashalo resolves this problem. This means that responsible borrowers have the ability to build a solid credit history, which may lead to future financial opportunities.


Additionally, it has launched programs to commend users for prudent borrowing practices, providing them with an incentive to gradually develop better money management skills.


Effects of Cashalo


In the Philippines, Cashalo’s efforts have not been ignored. The business has received honors from business associations and governmental groups in appreciation of its efforts toward financial inclusion. Its user base is still expanding, demonstrating the need for easily accessible financial services in the nation.


 1. Increasing Individual Power


People may take control of their finances and achieve their goals with the aid of it. For those who were previously cut off from the banking system, Cashalo’s services are a lifeline, whether it’s for covering unexpected medical expenses, starting a small business, or paying for a child’s school.


With the tools and resources included in the software for financial planning, it empowers users to set financial goals and confidently work toward them.



 2. Expanding the Economy


The economy is more broadly impacted by financial inclusion. More people will be able to invest in income-generating ventures, promote economic growth, and lessen poverty when they have access to credit and financial services. The facilitation of this access through Cashalo is essential for the Philippines’ economic growth.


Additionally, it has promoted local economic growth through fostering employment opportunities, notably in the fintech industry, and by assisting small companies through partnerships.


 3. Encourage Innovation


The success of Cashalo has encouraged other fintech businesses to look at business potential in the Philippines. Future financial services for Filipinos may be even more varied and easily available because of the sector’s competition and innovation.


Additional fintech solutions have been created that are specifically suited to the demands of the Filipino market. By giving them more options and better services, this heightened competition helps customers and improves Cashalo reviews.






The Philippines’ financial industry is changing, and it is a shining illustration of this. It is dismantling the barriers of financial exclusion and allowing millions of Filipinos to take charge of their financial destinies through a revolutionary approach to digital credit, financial education, partnerships, and user-centric design.


People who once felt excluded from the banking system now see the company as a ray of hope as it expands and changes. The Philippines’ financial industry has a brighter future than ever thanks to Cashalo’s dedication to financial inclusion.



Author Maria Torres from Upfinance.

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