Simplify Your Work Arrangements in Serbia with an Umbrella Company

Considering working as a contractor or freelancer in Serbia? Discover the benefits of using an umbrella company, simplifying legal, tax, and administrative matters. Learn how to find a trustworthy umbrella company in Serbia with expert guidance. Enjoy compliance, convenience, and support while working hassle-free.

Establishing your business in Serbia as a contractor or a freelancer might be challenging, as you have to deal with multiple legal, tax, and administrative issues abroad. Under these circumstances, an umbrella company is one of the solutions to think about. An umbrella company hires you as its employee and handles your payroll, taxes, social contributions, and other responsibilities, while you successfully work for your clients. From a broader perspective, we will tell you how to find a trustworthy umbrella company in Serbia and why bother looking for one at all.

What is an Umbrella Company and how Does it Work?

In layman’s language, an umbrella company provides contractor management services to contractors and freelancers who work in different countries. This structure hires you as its employee and assigns you to work for your clients. You submit timesheets and invoices to the umbrella company, and the umbrella company pays you your salary after deducting the applicable taxes, social contributions, and fees. The umbrella company also issues invoices to your clients and collects payments from them.

Why choose to work through an umbrella company? The answer is simple, you will simplify your work arrangements and reduce administrative burden this way. You don’t have to worry about setting up a business, registering it with the tax authorities, filing tax returns, or dealing with labor laws. The umbrella company takes care of all these aspects for you. Besides, you don’t have to deal with currency exchange, bank transfers, or invoicing in different languages. Again, the umbrella company will handle all these pretty boring tasks instead of you.

What are the Benefits of an Umbrella Company in Serbia?

Working through an umbrella company in Serbia means you will enjoy certain perks, such as compliance, convenience, flexibility, and corporate support. Let’s see what an umbrella company in Serbia has to offer you in more detail.

An umbrella company ensures that you comply with the local laws and regulations in Serbia, from obtaining a work permit and paying taxes and social contributions to following labor standards. With an umbrella company backing you, double taxation is not an issue. You will avoid it by applying the relevant tax treaties between Serbia and your country of residence.

Work arrangements are always easier and more convenient with an umbrella company. You don’t have to set up a business, open a bank account, or deal with paperwork in Serbia. The only thing for you to do is sign a contract with the umbrella company and start working for your clients. The umbrella company takes care of everything else.

If you wish to work for multiple clients and projects in Serbia without having to change your employment status or contract, an umbrella company will give you this opportunity. What is more, you can even switch between different umbrella companies if you feel like working in several countries or regions.

An undeniable advantage of an umbrella company is that it provides you with support and guidance throughout your work experience in Serbia. The umbrella company takes care of your visa applications, accommodation, insurance, transportation, and other practical matters. Besides, it will also assist you with any issues or disputes that may arise with your clients or authorities.

How to Find a Reliable Umbrella Company in Serbia?

I won’t hide it from you, finding a reliable umbrella company in Serbia might be a challenge, as you will have to factor in many considerations:

Reputation: You need to check the reputation and credibility of the umbrella company that you intend to use. Just a hint: look for reviews, testimonials, ratings, or references from other contractors or freelancers who have used the same umbrella company before. Alternatively, check if the umbrella company is registered with any professional associations or organizations that regulate or monitor the quality of contractor management services in Serbia.

Fees: Compare the fees that different umbrella companies offer, looking for transparency and clarity in how the fees are calculated and what they include. Do everything in your power to avoid any hidden costs or extra charges that may increase your expenses.

Services: Evaluate the range and quality of services that different umbrella companies offer. Just a hint: look for comprehensive and customized services in line with your needs and preferences, paying attention to payroll processing, tax compliance, social contributions, visa assistance, insurance coverage, legal support, and customer service, among other things.

Communication: It would be wise on your part to assess the communication and responsiveness of the umbrella company that you want to use. Tip of the day: try to find clear and timely communication channels that will allow you to contact the umbrella company easily and effectively. The communication methods you might want to use include phone calls, emails, online platforms, or chatbots.

Online platforms such as which provide useful information and recommendations for recruiters and contractors are a useful tool to help you find a reliable umbrella company in Serbia. As an alternative option, message, email, or simply call the International Wealth team to discuss your situation in detail. Don’t hesitate to request more information on how we can help you with finding and choosing the right umbrella company in Serbia.

Although it is a convenient and beneficial option for contractors and freelancers who want to work in Serbia with no legal, tax, or administrative worries, it is not exactly a breeze to establish an umbrella company in Serbia. Even more so if you are new to the country or unfamiliar with the local rules and regulations. This is where expert assistance comes more than handy. At International Wealth, we have a network of trusted and verified umbrella companies in Serbia to offer you the best service and value for your money. Use our online platform to compare different umbrella companies and find the one that matches your criteria. Don’t hesitate to contact International Wealth consultants for more help and advice on how to find a reliable umbrella company in Serbia.

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