How Stress Affects Our Body and Heart Health?

How Stress Affects Our Body and Heart Health?

Many people describe sadness as an extremely upsetting emotion that has a huge impact on them. Numerous studies have found a link between long-term stress and heart problems, highlighting the serious effects that stress and negative emotions can have on the health of our cardiac system as a whole.

What is Chronic Stress?

Chronic stress is a long-term state of tension, often caused by major life events, natural disasters, health problems, financial worries, mental anguish or changes in  personal or professional situations.



That kind of stress can lead to many physical symptom such as pain, sleep disturbance fatigue,and disturbed concentration problem etc. The following symptoms can lead to unusual behaviour of a body such as over eating and inactivity or not feeling good or can also make you depressed. That’s why that kind of stress can affect your mental as well as your physical and emotional health also.

Short term Stress and Chronic Stress

Short-term stress can provide energy for project completion, motivation, and decision-making in critical situations. It can also occur during happy moments like marriage or new home acquisition.

Taking stress very much can affect the overall well being of your heart health as long term stress can lead to cause of heart disease which is normally arised by worries about your work, relationship, health or financial issue.

Taking excessive strees Can tend to overall risk of heart health of your body. While long term stress can result from ongoing worries about your work, relationship, your health issues or any other problems of your life.

Outcomes of Taking Stress

Taking stress constantly may rise your blood pressure and that can increase your risk of getting heart attacks or strokes and ultimately a heart disease might cause you. Habits like smoking, obesity or stress are also other outcomes which lead to heart disease that’s why be away from them.

How Stress Effect our Body?

Stress can significantly affect the heart’s health and blood flow, which could possibly result in heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems. Stress has a considerable negative impact on heart health since it raises the risk of future heart attacks or strokes. If your health is getting worse day by day and you find something irregular in your blood flow, then kindly consider meeting the best cardiologist in Nagpur.

Meet Cardiologist in Nagpur

But if you often feel like your heart is constantly racing, it’s important to seek medical assistance to determine if it’s due to stress or anxiety, or if it could be a sign of a heart condition that needs attention.

Dr Chetan Rathi Nagpur

Dr. Chetan Rathi Nagpur is a very experienced cardiologist in Nagpur as he is well known for the symptoms of heart disease caused by stress and can help you for better treatment of your heart problems. Dr Chetan Rathi who is the top cardiologist in Nagpur, provides you with in depth information about stress and its effect on our body, along with treatment.

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