Funny Riddles to Enjoy During the Coronavirus Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has been spreading all around the world since last year. The social distancing and lockdowns become necessary to reduce the spread. Therefore, everyone is now limited to their homes and cannot go outside.

In this depressed situation, you might get bored and stressed. To come out from the anxious condition you might go to various social media apps and Netflix. What about having fun with your friends and family through some funny riddles? Sounds good!

Yes, we have enlisted some of the most funny and interesting riddles for you to enjoy during the lockdowns and quarantine situation. These are some easy, medium and hard funny riddles you can enjoy with different age groups of people.

Here are some of the best funny riddles we have found for you.

  1. What is the thing that is full of holes but still can hold water?

A sponge

  1. You can never answer ‘yes’ to this question.

Are you sleeping?

  1. You can’t see it but it is always in front of you?


  1. What is the thing you can break without holding or touching?


  1. Which building can have the most stories?


  1. What becomes wet when drying?

A towel

  1. It always goes up and never comes down?


  1. When it is more, you will see less. What is it?


  1. You can hold it in your right hand but cannot in the left?

Left elbow

  1. Where can you find yesterday after today?

In dictionary

  1. What thing you cannot put into a saucepan?

Its lid

  1. I can go up and down but cannot move. What am I?


  1. It belongs to you but others use it more than yourself? What is it?

Your name

  1. What has legs but cannot move itself?

Table and chair

  1. Which band can never play music?

Rubber band

  1. I have many teeths but cannot bite. What am I?


  1. What has many words but cannot speak even one?


  1. Other than the hand, what has one thumb and four fingers?


  1. What has only heart and no other organ?

A deck of cards

  1. Which odd number becomes even when one letter is taken away?


  1. Which is heavier among 10 kg of bricks and 10 kg of cotton?

Neither, because both weighs ten kg

  1. What is the five-letters word that becomes shorter when two letters are added?


  1. What you can find in the middle of America?


  1. There is a word that contains six letters, when we remove one letter only twelve are left. What am I?


  1. You can find it twice in a corner, once in a room and zero in a house. What am I?

Letter ‘r’

  1. When you use me forward I am very heavy, but backward i am not? What am I?

Word ‘Not’

  1. What breaks when you say its name?


  1. I can fill a room without covering any space. What am I?


  1. What begins with ‘t’ ends with ‘t’ and has ‘t’ in it?


  1. What has to break before use?


  1. Which key cannot open a lock?

Piano keys

  1. Which room doesn’t have any window or door?


  1. What is tall when it is young and short when it becomes old?

A candle

  1. What do you taste everyday but never eat?


  1. Which month has twenty eight days?

Every month

These are some of the most interesting and funny riddles to enjoy with your friends during the lockdowns. Your friends will surely love these and you will have great fun and laugh. We also suggest playing these trivia questions games with your friends during the pandemic. These will not only make you feel good and fun but also increase your knowledge.







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