Introducing QRGONG: Easy, Secure, and Anonymous Communication Anywhere, Anytime

[Zurich, Switzerland, 2023-07-01]- QRGONG, a revolutionary communication solution, is proud to announce its innovative platform that enables seamless and secure interaction with clients or visitors through customized QR codes. QRGONG offers an unparalleled communication experience, ensuring privacy and convenience for users worldwide.

QRGONG simplifies communication by eliminating the need for personal information exchange. With the QRGONG app and a smartphone, users can effortlessly connect with visitors or clients in a secure and anonymous manner.


The process is straightforward:

Scan: When a QRGONG code is scanned using a smartphone, the user receives a push notification message, allowing to initiate conversations directly within the QRGONG app. Visitors or clients only require a smartphone with a camera and a browser installed.

Chat: By clicking on the push notification message, users can immediately engage in live chat with their visitor or client. The visitor is automatically guided to a chat page in their browser, and even if the user is unavailable, messages can still be left.

QRGONG guarantees the utmost privacy by ensuring that personal data, such as telephone numbers, private names, and email addresses, remain concealed throughout the chat. This approach empowers users to communicate anonymously and maintain control over their personal information.

Setting up QRGONG is a breeze, requiring only three easy steps:

Create: Users can generate their personalized QRGONG code via the QRGONG website or app.


Print: Once generated, users can print the QRGONG code in their desired size (upcoming professional printing, laser engraving options will be available).

Mount: The printed QRGONG can be conveniently placed anywhere, such as at a door, letterbox, bike, or contact ad. No wires or internet connection are necessary.


QRGONG is designed to work seamlessly in any location, regardless of language or country. Currently available in German, English, Spanish, French, and Japanese, QRGONG is continually expanding its language options to cater to a global audience.

“We are thrilled to introduce QRGONG as a secure and convenient communication solution,” said Philipp Richard, CEO of QRGONG by GmbH Switzerland. “With our platform, individuals can effortlessly connect with visitors or clients while preserving their privacy. QRGONG revolutionizes communication by simplifying the process and empowering users with anonymity.”

To experience the convenience and security of QRGONG, visit to get started.


QRGONG is a groundbreaking communication platform that utilizes customized QR codes to enable secure and anonymous interactions. With a commitment to user privacy and convenience, QRGONG simplifies communication while preserving anonymity.



Press Contact:
Philipp Richard
Zurich, Switzerland

Phone: +41 76 719 44 66

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