Top 5 Mobile App UI/UX Design Ideas For Startups

Are you confused about how to design your mobile app? You’ve just come up with an amazing mobile app idea but are stuck deciding how to go about the UI/UX design. There are so many great options to choose from, and you just can’t land on one theme that does justice to your app idea. Don’t worry, WDI is here to guide you.

In this blog, we’ll share with you our top 5 UI/UX ideas that you can try out for your mobile app development. We’ve been in this industry for over two decades, and here are our top five picks.


The name says it all. Glassmorphism is a unique style that focuses on creating semi-transparent elements with a glass-like texture. Not only is it stunning to look at, but it creates a sense of sophistication, making it perfect for tech and finance-related apps.

Just so you know how powerful this design is, Apple just went all in with this style for their MacOS, followed by Microsoft for Windows 11.

Try to be minimalistic with this design. Too many elements will become cluttered easily and destroy the purpose of the design.


Derived from the two Greek words “skeuos” meaning a tool, and “morphe” meaning shape, skeuomorphism puts an emphasis on replicating real-world objects in the digital world. It’s very effective in getting users familiarized with your mobile app and the purpose of each element. A very basic example of this is the default logo of the camera app, which is a replication of a real camera.

A great example of this would be the calculator app. In most cases, the position of the buttons is exactly similar to a real-world calculator. This makes it super-easy for users to get used to the app.

If simplicity is your priority, go with Skeuomorphism.


This UI/UX design style is all about the shadows. It focuses on the minimalistic use of colors and adds a tint of shadow to make the objects pop out. Usually, you won’t be able to find more than two colors in most Neomorphic designs. The backgrounds are generally blur or froste, with the main elements playing with subtle shadows and highlights to create a 3D effect. Along with this, the buttons have soft and round corners, reducing their gravitas.

If you want to give your app a modern or futuristic vibe, Neomorphism is what you should tell your UI/UX designers to work on.

Dark Mode

With more and more people using their mobile devices at night, dark mode has become a necessity in today’s world. No matter what type of design you go for, dark mode is something you must include. Whether or not you should go all out on a dark UI/UX design depends on the type of app you’re planning to develop.

A dark theme can work very well for fitness apps, tech apps, and eBook reader apps. A dark theme and OLED screens go hand-in-hand and now that most smartphones have OLED displays, dark UI/UX designs can unleash their full potential.

Retrowave Design

The retrowave design has return to popularity with recent pop media buzz. It’s a design that creates a futuristic feel while having subtle hints of the 80s and 90s art styles. Think about people from the 80s imagining how the future will be; that’s what this style is. It’s all about the vibrant neon colors, such as electric pinks, blues, purples, and vibrant turquoise, with synth-wave typography.

If you want to invoke a sense of nostalgia and a strong, immersive atmosphere, the retrowave design is what you should go with.

Elevate Your App Design Today

If you want to create an app from scratch or revamp the design of your existing app, WDI can do both for you. Our award-winning UI/UX team of designers has create hundreds of successful digital solutions for clients across the world with designs that win hearts.

No matter the scale of the design you plan to implement, our designers can pull it off. With our user-first design approach and intensive target group research, you can rest assure that the design will hit where it should.

Talk to our expert UI/UX designers today!

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