Unravelling The Impact Of Sugar On Teeth

Many parents will eventually seek the services of a dentist in Maroubra in due course. They neglect child dental care until a crisis hits. Cavities, misaligned teeth and broken teeth form their list of complaints. Children need encouragement on how to care for their teeth. It should start with: How does sugar affect your baby teeth?

Effect of Sugar on Baby Teeth: A Journey into Pain

Baby teeth are developing teeth. Their dental care varies through the different stages of tooth development. The care changes with a child’s growth. Children enjoy sweet and sugary foods and snacks. Adults often indulge them. They are not wholly at fault for doing so. Sugar has both positive and negative effects on health.

Children crave sugar, which the body converts into the energy it needs. The need for calories fuels growth spurts. Other essential foods in their diets, such as milk and fruits, have sugar too. There’s nothing wrong with occasional indulgences. However, it should come to light how sugar dims a child’s smile and how to prevent that.

A person’s mouth has bacteria. The bacteria include streptococcus sorbrinus and streptococcus mutans. The bacteria combine with sugar and attach themselves to the teeth’s surface. When teeth go uncleaned, the bacteria on the teeth feed on the sugars. They multiply exponentially and form plaque and acid. 

The acid dissolves the enamel, the tooth’s outer protective layer. As the enamel becomes porous, it develops small holes in this demineralisation process. Saliva has minerals such as phosphate and calcium. It gets a boost from fluoride contained in water and some toothpaste brands. 

The minerals repair the enamel and strengthen the teeth. They control the initial stage of demineralisation. However, repeat attacks on the teeth weaken and destroy the enamel. The holes become bigger and turn into cavities. 

When untreated, the cavity spreads into the tooth pulp, and the damage causes pain. It also causes tooth sensitivity and infections such as tooth abscesses. That causes toothache and may lead to extraction of the tooth.

Living with a Sweet Tooth

Sugars are part of life. Cutting sugars from life dulls it, especially when no health concerns call for elimination. Once you know this, it’s easier to manage sugar consumption. Understanding how to combat tooth deterioration by preventing it before it gets out of hand is also essential. 

Consider the following tips for maintaining the health of baby teeth:

Know sugars

Know the different types of sugars and their effects. The knowledge can enlighten them on managing their consumption. 

  • Sweets

Avoid candy that stays for long in the mouth. These are hard candies. Gummy sweets stick to the teeth and support bacteria growth. Carbonated drinks and orange juice have chemicals that form acid. It becomes an acid bath in the mouth, which erodes teeth.

  • Sugar from food

Milk, biscuits, potato crisps and other snacks feature here. Potato crisps and biscuits are notorious for causing cavities.

Follow an appropriate dental health routine

The best dental health maintenance habits start with dental health awareness. Child carers should know the best toothbrushes and toothpaste for baby teeth. They should follow proper tooth brushing and flossing methods. It is also crucial to review the diet to include what strengthens teeth.

Keep dental appointments

Children need paediatric dental care as early as when the first tooth sprouts. They should keep a routine of dental check-ups every six months. It is prudent to follow the dentist’s instructions. They should also see a dentist early when tooth decay and gum disease symptoms appear.


Sugar does not damage teeth. The culprit is the habits or practices that follow. These come after eating sugary foods and drinks. Neglecting dental hygiene is a major oral health challenge. So is failure to seek prompt medical care to stop and repair dental problems like cavities. Children and their carers need education. They need knowledge of good habits for healthy baby teeth and beautiful smiles.

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