Hydration and Nourishment: Choosing the Perfect Face Wash for Dry Skin

After a hectic day outdoors, you breeze into your home with your facial pores stuffed with all sorts of debris and dirt. Therefore, cleansing them of the undesired muck is essential to preventing clogs and the complications they cause. With all its roughness and flakes, dry skin is already challenging to care for.


Now, imagine washing your face with a cleanser that renders your already dry skin crispy. Such an upsetting scene! Thus, whilst rinsing your facial skin is utterly essential, choosing the right face wash for dry skin is of an even greater significance.

5 Vital Properties to Seek Out in a Face Wash for Dry Skin  

If you have a dry skin type, you must hunt for the following features while selecting a face wash for your skincare arsenal:

1.     The Presence of Glycerin

Glycerin is an organic compound that is obtained by the process of hydrolysis, that is, by the disintegration of the chemical bonds in vegetable oils and animal fats. Being a humectant, glycerin helps keep your skin hydrated. With the tendency to form bonds with water, it draws moisture from the second layer of the skin, named the dermis, to the outer layer, known as the epidermis.


Moreover, it also allures the water molecules from the environment toward itself. With this operation in effect, the skin withholds optimum moistness. Thereupon, a facewash containing glycerin would doubtlessly be a perfect face wash for dry skin.

2.     The Inclusion of Emollients

Emollients are ingredients that tenderize the skin by forging a lipid layer on it. Lipids are insoluble fatty compounds that pervade the spaces between skin cells. The lipid coating induces a softening effect by capturing moisture within itself. On the grounds of this, looking for emollients in a face wash for dry skin is integral. A person with dry skin would only do well with these moisturizing substances.

3.     The Absence of Alcohol

Whilst face washes containing alcohol might work wonders for people with an acne-prone epidermis, they are an absolute disaster for those with dry skin. Alcohol shreds the skin of sebum, a naturally occurring oil that plays a significant role in moistening it. Thereby, it can severely damage a dry skin texture, causing flakiness and irritation. In a face wash for dry skin, alcohol, on that account, should be avoided at all costs.

4.     A Balanced pH

With a scale extending from 0 to 14, pH measures the acidity or basicity of a solution. Low values indicate acidity, while high values signify an increased basicity. With a pH level lying somewhere between 4 to 7, our skins are already quite acidic. A soaring or a dwindling pH disrupts this organic balance.


Thus, a face wash with a balanced pH is preferable to retain the skin’s natural acidity, which, if disturbed, can give rise to complications like dryness and irritation. This would be a piece of unsettling news for a dry skin type. Therefore, a face wash for dry skin must contain a balanced pH to evade these ill effects.

5.     The Presence of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is an element whose foremost job is to grease the cells in the body. For this reason, face washes containing hyaluronic acid can work like a charm for dry skin. Infiltrating deep into the skin, hyaluronic acid causes water molecules to adhere to it. This helps the skin retain moisture and hydration. That being the case, a face wash for dry skin must possess hyaluronic acid to eliminate its dry texture.

Some Face Washes for Dry Skin

Let us look at a few of the face wash for dry skin that entails one or some of these characteristics:

  • Nivea Face Wash for Dry Skin
  • Himalaya Herbal Purifying Neem Face Wash
  • Aquation Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser
  • Garnier Skin Active Sulfate-free Cleanser
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Face Was
  • The Moms Co Natural VIta Rich Face Wash


Now that we are informed on the attributes to quest for in a face wash for dry skin, we can make a wise choice and care well for our skin. Selecting the wrong product can wreak havoc on our epidermis. Being thoughtful about the products we pick is thus cardinal to ensuring the well-being of our skin. Those with a sensitive skin type must be all the more cautious when it comes to deciding on skincare products.



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