How to Create a Custom Christian T-Shirt with a Designer

Custom Christian T-Shirt with a Designer

Making a beautiful Christian t-shirt is a difficult process. It might sometimes seem overwhelming, particularly if you lack the design know-how or computer applications needed to make your thoughts a reality. Make sure you are aware of what you need to bring to the table if you have decided to collaborate with a professional designer to produce your next t-shirt design in order for the design process to go smoothly.

Through our experience have worked with hundreds of clients to make their designs come to life on shirts. We’ve compiled our best advice on how to collaborate with a designer to make your next favourite t-shirt as a result of this experience. Let’s enter now!

Make a Design Brief

Communicating your needs to the designer is the first step in producing a fantastic t-shirt design. Although it could be tempting to instruct your designer to create “whatever they think looks good,” this seldom appears to be the case and usually results in a drawn-out design process that makes both you and your designer want to rip out their hair.

Let’s break down this procedure a little and go through it step-by-step to see whether it’s really as simple or quick as you would have first imagined.

Developed Your Design Conditions

Start with what you know you need in order to ease into the Jesus shirts design process. Make a list of the design components that are essential to your design and cannot be changed. This might be a logo, the date of an event, or a particular picture that symbolizes your company, group, or cause. Making decisions on the details of the goods you want to print on is also a fantastic idea at this stage of the process. It’s good to let your designer know early on in the design process if you know you only want to print on light blue t-shirts or that you require both a front and back design.

We ask you about your style and the vibe you want your t-shirt design to evoke when you fill out the Bonfire Studio design brief. This, according to our research, is a crucial component of knowing what you want from your design. So, include a few terms like “playful, feminine, flowery, rugged, art deco, etc.” to help you describe the design’s desired aesthetic.

Create Image Files

You will probably need to supply files for the designers to include in the design if there are certain trademarks or pictures that need to be included in your design. Alternatively, you may be required to submit reference pictures of a certain piece that has to be drawn. Verify the quality of any photographs you offer your designer. For printing to be accurate and clear, this is crucial. If you are drawing ideas on paper, be sure to scan or take a picture of them so that the designer can see them clearly.

Get Initial Feedback

Look back to your most well-liked designs like Christian t-shirts for women FHL if you’re designing t-shirts for a group of people with whom you’ve previously collaborated on t-shirts. What comments did you get regarding the other shirts? Listening to what your community wants is one of the finest methods for creating a t-shirt that they will enjoy. If you are aware of their true preference for darker t-shirt hues, you can be sure that they won’t be as enthusiastic about a white shirt, or at the very least won’t wear it as often.

Additionally, consider the kind of t-shirt merchandise popular in your neighbourhood. Bonfire has a wide variety of t-shirt alternatives, including the very soft Premium Unisex Tee and Comfort Colors shirts. You could wish to use certain clothing designs and colours depending on the purpose of the shirt and the age of your audience.

Make Your Final Designs

Your designer will consider your suggestions, make changes, and then provide you with the finished product so you can proceed. This step is made simpler if you want to work with Bonfire since we will submit the design for you right into the Bonfire t-shirt creation tool. You may then set up your campaign or supply order, choose your clothes colours and designs, and do a lot more. Make sure your design is prepared since this is your last opportunity to check it before printing during the final review.

A Christian t-shirt project that involves working with a designer may either result in a time-saving success or a frustrating disaster. After years of working on bespoke designs for tens of thousands of customers, we’ve discovered that the amount of time and attention you put into the design brief process makes the most impact. The remainder of the design process will be simpler and go more quickly if you give it more attention up front.

We really hope that our advice will improve the brief you create for your next t-shirt design.


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