US Ed-Tech Gears Up Students to Manage Global Inflation Pressures

Florida, USA – Global inflation has intensified students’ financial and psychological pressure, making it more challenging to access resources and obtain quality education. The general increase in tuition fees, prices of course materials, and living costs keeps over 40% of students from completing their degree programs. Students who take out loans to cover their educational expenses are also unable to pay off their debts due to inflation and limited job opportunities.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the most recent US inflation rate is 3.18%, surpassing the previous month’s rate of 2.97%. Over the past decade, there has been a consistent rise in the cost of college attributed to price hikes. Additionally, college enrollments have steadily declined over the course of the last ten years due to various factors, including the increasing expenses associated with attending college.

Considering the impacts of inflation on students’ educational journey, a US-based educational technology company has initiated  free textbooks to help students manage the pressure of global inflation. The campaign is intended for students pursuing graduate and undergraduate degree programs and has the potential to help them save thousands of dollars on textbooks every academic year.

The ed-tech company, SolutionInn, has been providing paperback and hardcover textbooks to students at zero price, aiming for accessible education for every learner, irrespective of their financial backing. With reduced costs, students can put emphasis on enhancing their academic performance, achieving excellence, and contributing to the economy.

The platform offers unrestricted access to thousands of free books covering high school, college, and university-level subjects. Additionally, there are invaluable reading materials available for the preparation of IGCSE exams, ACT, SAT, IELTS, and various other standardized tests. Grabbing these freebies is super easy. Pick the book you require, place an order, and get it shipped to your place without paying anything.

Students seeking comprehensive academic support can access invaluable learning resources and a wide array of textbook solutions, including step-by-step explanations and detailed answers to textbook questions. The service provider has developed a great textbook solution library for which data is acquired from qualified educators and subject matter experts.

Students from various disciplines and academic levels can find academic support for diverse subjects such as science, mathematics, business, engineering, social science, and humanities, among others. They can grasp challenging concepts and foster independent learning by working through problems at their own pace.

The unrestricted access to learning resources and collaboration with qualified tutors and subject matter experts enables students to enhance their learning experiences without elevating their financial strain. Online learning website also plays a positive role in bridging educational inequalities among students providing equal learning opportunities and resources to all regardless of their income.

In an era overridden by digital learning, educational technology platform emerge as an indispensable tool that empowers students to excel in their academics while minimizing financial pressure and accessibility barriers associated with textbooks and learning resources. Students also get study accessories and productivity-boosting tools to maximize their learning potential at zero cost. The services of the ed-tech website are either free or very cost-effective. There is also a trial membership to dive deep into learning and have unrestricted access to resources by paying nothing.

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