Best Unstitched Women’s Fabrics to Go with this Summer

Summer is a vibrant season in Pakistan. It’s the season to go out and about while flaunting your best look. But you can only look your best when you’re wearing fabrics that don’t only look outstanding, but also beat the heat.

In summer season, people mostly select lawn fabrics to keep it cool and breezy. But there are a lot more fabric types that you can choose to look classy while staying cool in this scorching heat. Here are those fabrics that you can choose whenever you go for unstitched dresses in summers:

1.      Cambric Fabric

Cambric fabric is slightly thicker than lawn, but it is still suitable for the summer season. Cambric unstitched dresses are also most often used as a canvas for embroidery because unlike lawn, they go well with the weighty embroidery thread.

If you’re looking for unstitched dresses this summer, make sure you go for cambric dresses if you want something embroidered. To keep the outfit well-balanced, you can go for cambric dresses with net or grid dupattas.

2.      Lawn Viscose Fabric

Lawn fabric is matte and airy, perfect for summers. But when you want to go for something that looks fancier than lawn, go for lawn viscose fabric. This fabric has a silky texture that is perfect for bright, summer colors. Its texture also adds a touch of luxury to the dress, making it the perfect fabric for party wear.

Many brands stock lawn viscose fabric and pair it with chiffon dupattas to make the outfit look fancy. Add embroidery to this lawn viscose – chiffon combination and you have a dress perfect for parties, date nights, and casual gatherings.

3.      Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard has motifs and intricate patterns that give this fabric a timeless appeal. Thick jacquard is perfect for winters, but you can find thinner jacquard fabrics in summer collections by brands like Alkaram Studio.  

If you want to get jacquard dresses, make sure the dupatta that comes with the dress is the same fabric or slub to make the ensemble look complete and exude a luxurious feel.

4.      Kanjivaram Fabric

Kanjivaram found its way from the subcontinent into the fashion in Pakistan. Over the decades, kanjivaram was used in sarees. Its exquisite gold borders and brocades were what made this fabric perfect for saree pallus and pleats.

Now, you can’t wear sarees as formal wear all the time, right? But you can use this kanjivaram fabric for Pakistani dresses. The hand-woven fabric and the contrasting color palette makes it perfect for creating a ravishing yet cool summer look.  

We even saw the First Female Head of Ecommerce, Nida Siddiqui slaying a dress made of kanjivaram fabric at work. The black and white with the gold accents worked together in perfect harmony to exude elegance and sophistication.  

5.      Slub Fabric

Slub is a fabric that is lightweight but still doesn’t compromise on the look of luxury. Many brands use slub as a canvas for embroidery. However, you can even rock a plain dress that uses slub fabric for the shirt and trouser.

Slub dresses work well with karandi and organza dupattas. However, you can also go for a slub or net dupatta if you don’t want to make the dress too fancy.

Final Words

When we think about fabrics for summer, the word “lawn” pops up in our head. Since the summer season is so long, one cannot just wear lawn everywhere. Lawn fabric also looks dull for parties and events.

If you want to keep cool in the summers without compromising on your style, you can pick fabrics like kanjivaram, thin jacquard, and cambric.

Alkaram Studio’s summer collection has all these fabrics in various styles. So, whether you’re looking for embroidered dresses or digital printed ones, head on to the Alkaram website or visit your nearest Alkaram Studio store now! 

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