Samsung 65 inch 4K TV review: TOP 3 models with sharp picture quality

Samsung is one of the world’s leading TV brands, known for its high-quality picture products. If you’re looking for a 65-inch 4K TV with sharp picture quality, then Samsung is a great choice. Here is a quick Samsung 65 inch 4K TV review with 3 special models with the sharpest picture quality available today.

1. 65-inch Samsung Smart UHD 4K TV UA65AU7700KXXV

The 65-inch Samsung Smart UHD 4K TV UA65AU7700KXXV is a cheap TV with excellent picture quality. The TV is equipped with a UHD 4K screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, delivering sharp images to every detail.

Crystal 4K processor adjusts color factors, contrast automatically, and resolution up to 4K standard. As a result, every scene displayed at 65AU7700 becomes as sharp as recreating the real world, enjoying a vivid and extremely eye-catching frame in front of you.

Purcolor technology reproduces and enhances the color range 7 times more than usual (from about 27 pixels to 192 pixels) ensuring natural accuracy. Therefore, colors when shown at 65AU7700 become true to life, the user’s viewing experience is perfect with vibrant, vivid images.

Impressive design masterpiece of 65AU7700 with 3 borderless edges for perfect interior space

TV 65AU7700 applies Q-Symphony technology to connect compatible TV and Soundbar to create vivid sound. Q-Symphony combines and enhances sound by playing sound from the soundbar and the TV’s speakers at the same time.

UA65AU7700KXXV is integrated with smart features that allow users to control the TV by voice without using a remote. Even when you sit far away from the TV, you can still perform controls and use applications smoothly. As a result, users can easily search and control everything on the TV, saving time and making it more efficient.

With a price of about 15 million VND (updated in August 2023), you can own a Samsung 65AU7700 TV with an elegant design, picture quality, eye-catching sound, and modern features to enhance entertainment and entertainment. also, experience the dedicated care service at Manh Nguyen.

2. Smart TV Samsung 4K 65 inch UA65BU8500

The 65-inch Samsung 4K TV UA65BU8500 is a mid-range TV with excellent picture quality. The TV is equipped with a UHD 4K screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, delivering sharp images to every detail.

65BU8500 uses an additional Crystal 4K processor to apply a 16-bit 3D Color Map mapping algorithm. The processor is capable of optimizing the visual element through automatic color correction, contrast ratio optimization, and dynamic color range adjustment. Thanks to Crystal 4K’s color mapping, you can accurately perceive the color nuances of the displayed content. The display image quality is also upgraded to 4K standard with any input quality, providing sharp and realistic entertainment moments.

The UA65BU8500 product has a border thickness of only 25.7 mm, combined with a 65-inch screen size for a large, eye-catching viewing angle.

Smart TV Samsung 4K 65 inch UA65BU8500 has the ability to recognize and analyze the content being played by owning Adaptive Sound – a technology that analyzes sound in every detail using AI. Smart Hub is a huge application store integrated at UA65BU8500. With this interface, users are free to download applications on demand, freely surf the web from games, music programs, download applications, …

With a price of more than 12 million VND and relatively outstanding quality, the TV with model number 65BU8500 will definitely be a super product with a moderate screen, suitable for installation in family spaces, classrooms, or cafes. with an area of 20-25 square meters.

3. Smart TV QLED 4K Samsung 65 inch 65Q80C

The 65-inch 65Q80C Samsung QLED 4K TV is a premium TV with excellent picture quality. The TV is equipped with a QLED screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, providing sharp images of every detail.

With Direct Full Array backlight technology, the LEDs will be arranged densely behind the panel, so that the TV can adjust the brightness and darkness in small areas to bring the main picture effect. more precise.

Along with that is Quantum HDR + Technology which helps to adjust light and contrast to bring HDR standard frames with the most perfect illumination and color.


Direct Full Array backlight technology for clearer black and white display

The 65Q80C TV product is equipped with the SmartThings application, which helps to connect smart electronic devices in the home such as lights, air conditioners, washing machines, and heaters,… All you need to do is connect them. and sit in place to perform control via remote control or smartphone.

The above article has summarized Samsung 65 inch 4K TV review of 3 models with super quality, super sharp, and realistic images. Hope this article has helped you get more information and be able to choose the right TV model for your needs. If you need advice or buy TV products, please contact Manh Nguyen immediately to receive support and purchase quickly and quality.

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