Which design company is the best for web design in Perth, Australia?

With numerous web design firms in Perth, it can be challenging to narrow down your options to a select few that align with your needs. To simplify the process, we’ve curated a list of essential criteria for evaluating and selecting the ideal web design company in Perth.

Look at the history of the web design agency

Always go at the portfolios and case studies of the web design firms you’re considering. Are the corporate names familiar to you? Do a Google search to see whether the businesses exist and if they have the same webpage that the agency had. Do you like the website designs they’ve come up with thus far? Consider if the designs are user-friendly. Do they adequately reflect the brand / company? Do you think you’d use this website? Do they have any website design experience in your field? Is the website achieving its goals?

Also, inquire whether the web agency can provide you with references or client testimonials. And make sure you read these testimonies when you receive them. Call the customers and verify that the testimonials are genuine.

Finally, inquire about the agency’s history. It doesn’t necessarily matter how old you are, but it does help.

Account Management – Inquire about who will be in charge of your account.

Everyone has heard horror tales about web design firms that are “unavailable,” so acquire a phone number, not simply an email address (and not a premium rate number either). Inquire about the time it takes for the design firm to react to emails. Remember that if you need to make urgent modifications, you must be able to get them to the design agency as soon as possible.

We have a dedicated account management staff at Lilo, in addition to a fantastic creative team to create your website. There’s always someone on the other end of the phone who knows all there is to know about your website strategy and can give you an update and answer any questions you have.

Determine the size of the web design team

You aim for your web design firm to possess sufficient size to ensure that your company’s needs are attended to even in cases of your account manager’s absence due to illness or vacation.

Are you inclined towards a larger, resource-rich agency or a smaller, more flexible one? The guiding principle is to select a web agency that aligns with the scope of your requirements and projects.

For instance, if your workforce comprises 5000 individuals but you’re marketing and development needs are limited, a 5–10-person marketing and development firm might suffice. Conversely, if you possess a workforce of 100 and heavily rely on outsourced tasks, a larger agency might be better suited to cater to your needs effectively.

Check the experience

While age isn’t always a decisive factor, it can hold significance within this field. The rapid evolution of the web means that a web design company with five or more years of experience likely signifies successful management. The digital landscape has witnessed swift changes, and a firm that has endured over time indicates effective operations. Amidst the rise and fall of numerous online businesses, those that have stood the test of time tend to be well-managed and adaptable.

See how supportive the team is

It’s critical that you communicate with the folks in charge of your account. When you have a collaboration with your web agency, you’ll get the finest outcomes.

Do they provide you a generic quotation or do they speak with you to learn more about your company? Do they use a lot of jargon, or do they provide straightforward explanations? Have they taken the time to customize their services to your needs? Are there any ideas that are relevant and appropriate for your company? Companies attempt to offer you items that you don’t need much too frequently.

Inquire whether your website will be included in the web design agency’s portfolio. All of our customers at Lilo are asked whether we may include their website in our design portfolio.

Review the terms and conditions of the agency.

This is critical and will help you prevent difficulties in the future. Pose questions like:

  • Are there any additional expenses, such as set-up or holding fees?
  • Is it possible to pay for your web project in stages?
  • Is website upkeep and updates included in the design fees?
  • Is there a fee for bug fixes?
  • Will you be able to obtain a hold of a copy of the source files?
  • Who is the owner of the source code?
  • Is there a backup of the files?

At Alchemy, we believe that transparency is key when embarking on a project. That’s why we meticulously break down all our charges and furnish our clients with the source files for their websites. We want you to have a clear understanding of exactly what you’re getting when you partner with us.

Do they subcontract any of their work?

Determine if your project will be created in-house or outsourced. Request a meeting with the design or technical team. Find out where the job will be outsourced and whether you will be able to contact the crew. Many companies have an in-house account management staff and an outsourced development team. The difficulty with this circumstance is that the work generated is of poor quality. Is the backend code checked by the account management team? Is it up to date in terms of rules and legal requirements?

At Lilo, we provide you with a dedicated product team that will cater to all your needs. You’ll have the opportunity to meet every individual involved in your project, guaranteeing a comprehensive understanding of your web project’s specifications. Our work is exclusively carried out in-house, adhering to rigorous quality control measures. This ensures that your website design, development, and online marketing will consistently meet the highest standards of quality.

Final words

By following these tips, you can discover the best web design agency based in Perth. Then you can get help with all your web design needs.

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