Countries Where Registering a Business Company Is Easy

Explore hassle-free company registration options in Denmark, Great Britain, and Canada. Discover the advantages of each country, from flexible hiring rules in Denmark to tax incentives in the UK and Canada’s innovative business environment. Get insights into business opportunities and government support in these high-tax jurisdictions for foreign entrepreneurs.

If you are thinking of registering a foreign company, the information below may be of interest to you. We list several countries where registering a company is easy. Most of them are high-tax jurisdictions but you will find wonderful business opportunities, an advanced infrastructure, and extensive government support in each of the countries.


If you are thinking about where to open a company in Europe, we suggest that you consider Denmark for this purpose. Denmark is not a low-tax country but it is notable for the ease of hiring and firing process that you can find there. The country is among the (rather few) European countries where registering a business company is simple. Denmark offers the following advantages to foreign entrepreneurs opening companies there:

  • The ‘flexicurity’ system offers simple hiring and firing rules, which can decrease the costs of scaling your business operations;
  • Registering a company in this European country takes only a few days while the process can take a few weeks in some countries located nearby;
  • There are no restrictions in Denmark as to the nationality of the company founders and company directors;
  • You do not have to notarize documents in Denmark;
  • The taxes in Denmark are high but there are lower than the taxes in other Northern European countries anyway;
  • The Danish corporate legislation has been updated and it is in full conformity with the EU legislation.​​​​

Great Britain 

Great Britain is famous for the mobility of its government agencies and instant business setup opportunities. Registering a company in the UK does not take much time and neither does it require a lot of money. Few European countries boast these qualities.

The main advantages of registering a company in Great Britain include the following ones:

  • The fiscal authorities of the country realize very well that startup companies do not make any profit at the beginning, as a rule. For this reason, they are very mild on loss-making companies.
  • The British Government offers various tax incentives to foreign investors, foreign company founders, and workers of foreign companies.
  • Opening a company in Great Britain takes 1 hour and 20 pounds.
  • The best British cities for registering a company are Belfast, Durham, Derby, Stoke-on-Trent , and Sterling.


If you look across the ocean from Europe, Canada is probably the best North American country to register a company there. There you will find superb engineering expertise, one of the best education systems in the world, and government support of innovative sectors of the economy.  

Companies registered in Canada can make use of the following advantages:

  • A very powerful country brand as a manufacturer of quality high-tech products;  
  • An opportunity to use tax credits if you invest in research and development and creation of new products;
  • Proximity to the USA, the largest consumer market in the world;
  • State support and infrastructural support available to business owners;
  • Unique fundraising opportunities for companies registered in Canada;
  • A fantastic labor market with skilled workers holding university diplomas: the immigration regulations in Canada allow attracting qualified specialists from any country of the world by offering them beneficial relocation conditions;
  • A favorable geostrategic location, which allows trading in North America, European, and Asia Markets;
  • Company maintenance costs are comparatively low in Canada and the same is true for the cost of living in the country.

Even though registering a company in any of the countries mentioned above is relatively easy, you will benefit from some professional support in the matter anyway. Every country has some specific rules and regulations that you might not be familiar with, which can complicate the company formation process for you.

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