Who Can Seek the Help of a Domestic Violence Lawyer?

Domestic abuse can leave you with anxiety or depression, among other negative mental effects. Your children’s self-esteem can also be affected, making it hard for them to interact with others. Hiring a domestic violence lawyer can help if you are a domestic abuse victim or have been accused of abusing your spouse. Here is more information about who can seek the help of a domestic violence attorney:

Physically Assaulted Spouses

Physical abuse can be anything intentionally done by your spouse in an attempt to injure you. Assault or battery is physical abuse that could make you contact a domestic violence attorney. Physical abuse can be through hair pulls, grabs, strangles, slaps, punches, or kicks. Such forms of abuse can leave you with bruises, broken bones, or other more serious injuries. A domestic abuse attorney can use such injuries to prove you experienced domestic violence when in court.

Sexually Abused Spouses

Sexual abuse in your marriage can subject you to sexual trauma, which could damage your intimate life. You could also become codependent and get into substance abuse. Sexual abuse can be in the form of marital rape, which includes battering rape, force-only rape, and sadistic rape. Negative self-talk and emotions like anger can be signs of sexually abused spouses.

Spouses With Child Custody Cases

Direct abuse of your children or you by your spouse can contribute to child custody cases. A domestic violence lawyer can help you get your child custody rights if you have an abusive partner. The attorney can also protect a child from an abusive spouse by seeking restraining orders. Your children’s testimonies or medical records of the sustained injuries can help your domestic violence attorney win your child custody case. If your domestic violence allegations are false, the attorney can aid Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations to determine fair outcomes.

Financially Abused Spouses

Financial abuse in your marriage can cause you to get into unplanned debts because of coerced loans or because you cannot access your funds. Your spouse could take control of your banks, coerce you to quit your job, or limit your work hours. A domestic violence lawyer can help you regain your financial freedom. Regaining your financial independence can motivate you to quit an abusive marriage.

Spouses Arrested for Domestic Violence Allegations

Domestic violence allegations from your spouse can cause the court to issue an arrest warrant. A domestic violence attorney can aid your case dismissal by proving that your allegations are false. False domestic violence allegations can be from spouses intending to file for divorce. The attorney can also get into a deferral agreement with the prosecutor to have your case dismissed. A deferral agreement allows the prosecutor and the defendant to willingly drop domestic violence allegations against you.

Other Reasons To Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence attorneys can help speed up the legal processes in your case by handling complex paperwork for you. Professional legal representation by an attorney can also aid your compensation if you incurred losses because of domestic violence. A domestic violence attorney can also strengthen your case by gathering the necessary evidence, like police reports and medical records. Considering the negative emotions associated with domestic violence, the attorney may be able to offer you resources through which you can seek emotional support.

What To Consider Before Hiring an Attorney

Experience should be among the factors to consider when hiring a domestic violence attorney. An experienced domestic violence attorney has the necessary skills and expertise to handle your case. This can increase the chances for positive outcomes in your domestic violence case. They may also have contacts and resources from various places that they can use to help your case. Hiring an attorney you can afford can also save you from financial constraints. The attorney’s initial consultation and total representation fees should be fair and reasonable.

Get Professional Legal Help Today

A domestic violence case can be complex and stressful. Seeking legal help from a professional domestic violence lawyer may provide you with the best opportunity to win your case. The attorney can also work to help you get your case dismissed if your spouse falsely accused you of domestic violence. Complete thorough research to find a reputable lawyer near you.


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