What Are The Common Qualities Of A Viral Video

Do you publish social media videos regularly? Some videos get a lot of views, while others receive only a few views. But, your aim is to get your videos viral. It is true that not all videos on social platforms can go viral. Still, which qualities lead to the virality of the video? The most important fact is that there is no formula for creating a viral video. You cannot predict whether your social media video production will result in virality. However, we have created a list of elements common in viral videos.

A short length

Many people lose interest after watching 60 seconds of a video. Thus, shorter videos are better to draw the audience’s attention. Videos with short yet effective content will get more shares.

Keep the video length below 90 seconds and add an element of entertainment to the content. It will increase the chance of getting your video viral. Many social media users like to watch hilarious videos. By sharing the content, they will allow others to laugh at the videos.

Question on the reality of the content

You might have come across videos that have raised one question in your mind- Is it real? This type of video receives more social shares. People will find your content unbelievable. That is why they will want to share the videos with others.

Parody and newsjacking

Another way to ensure the virality of your video is to make a parody of any popular song, reputed person, or event. People will like to share an interesting video with their friends and other social media contacts. 

For instance, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen is a highly viral video. It has received more than 100 million views within a short time. 

Take advantage of user-generated content

Your customers will play an important role in developing the video content. It is not only time-saving but also effective in engaging customers. It will boost your business reputation and improve your organic reach. Content contests can be the best way to let the audience engage with your brand. 


Emotion is one of the main elements to add virality to your videos. But, many non-branded videos have gone viral just because of emotional content. For example, a daughter learning and listening to her father’s song can trigger the emotions of the audience. So, try to capture emotions in various ways.

TikTok videos with diverse content go viral. From emotional, sincere testimonial videos to ironic content, there are several ways to make the content viral. 

Connect with a celebrity

Many big brands partner with celebs to rely on their popularity. However, you should implement this strategy carefully. Ensure that there is a direct connection between your brand and the chosen star. For instance, Nike and Adidas partner with stars to promote their products during the Olympics and FIFA World Cup. Even if you do not make a contract with a celebrity, you can still reach your goal by creating videos on the trending topic. Use the relevant hashtag and attract more audiences.


Tons of brands and marketers are all chasing after the holy grail of viral content. And guess what? People love that stuff! When something goes viral, it’s like the authenticity meter goes through the roof. Now, if you’re thinking. “How to make a viral video?” there’s no secret formula. But let me tell you, it’s worth figuring out! If you’re worried it’s too time-consuming to make amazing videos, don’t sweat it. You can always count on the pros to handle the job and work their magic. Trust me, they’ve got all the tricks up their sleeves. And hey, if you’ve already kicked off a video marketing campaign, make sure you’re aiming for the stars—create videos that go viral and hit your target audience right in the feels!

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