How Can You Track a Person on Social Media?

someone on social media

Finding someone on social media can be time-consuming if you need to learn how to get started and what you can do. But if you follow our steps, you will find anyone on these social networks and get their name, photos, videos, etc. Keep reading; we will show you the best search options and tools to find anyone’s social media accounts in minutes. See what someone likes on Instagram that you can only check with the help of uMbix. What should you do without a tracker to find out someone? There are some points that you have to follow.

Search for a person on social media sites.

Some search tools work better than others, but use the following options if you want the best. You don’t have to waste time; select the first tool and ‘use it to search all sites simultaneously. It can provide you with all the personal information you want to find, including profiles on popular social networking sites, photos, etc.

Start with their first and last name.

Many people indeed have the same first and last name, which can be tricky, especially when looking for someone you don’t know personally. However, everyone can be identified if you can take a few minutes to filter the search results and learn about others.

Now, if you prefer to use Google instead, search and find some details. In reality, these premium social media search providers use a powerful scanning system that collects data and saves the information in secure servers.

For Google, use the Advanced Search options and combine the name with the city if you have an idea. Or add other details such as the hobbies or interests of the person you want to find on social media.

How to find that a person is on Tinder:

Sometimes, our partners do some cheating and date someone.  You can easily see if someone is on tinder. Nowadays days, Tinder is the top-ranking dating application. How should you know there is no other method except a tracker? But the main problem is that if that person caught us doing such things, it can break our relationship. So we have to do it carefully. Don’t worry; you can do it without letting him know. The uMbix is the best and most easy-to-use software. The most important thing is that uMbix never steal your data. You can use it with full confidence and security. We also don’t allow a third party to use your data.


I hope you learned how to find someone on social media from these tips, tricks and tools; I added multiple search options to make it easier for you. There’s no exact science to this, so it’s best to start with the first option and then try the others. With the help of uMbix you can easily have spy on your partner and you can also check activities of your kids.  And this softweart is quite simple to use.


Q1: Why would I want to track someone on social media?

A1: Tracking someone on social media can be useful for various reasons, such as reconnecting with old friends, verifying someone’s identity, or monitoring online activity for personal or safety reasons.

Q2: What is uMbix, and how does it help track people on social media?

A2: uMbix is a software tool that assists in tracking individuals on social media platforms. It helps you find someone’s social media accounts and obtain information like their name, photos, videos, and more. It can be particularly handy for checking what someone likes on Instagram.

Q3: Is uMbix safe to use, and does it protect my data?

A3: Yes, uMbix is designed to be safe and secure. It does not steal your data, and it does not allow third parties to access your information. You can use it with confidence and ensure your privacy.

Q4: What are the best search options and tools for finding someone on social media?

A4: The article suggests starting with a person’s first and last name. You can use search engines like Google, combining the name with additional details like the person’s city, hobbies, or interests. Alternatively, consider using uMbix for a comprehensive search.

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