What To Look For in a Storage Facility

You may need extra space to store your belongings and home decor if you’re moving or are between homes. Search for “movers near me” to identify companies that can help you move your items into a local self-storage facility. Working with movers is convenient, as they can pick up your items and transport them to your storage facility. Here are some qualities to look for in a storage facility to make sure it’s the right option for you:

Unit Size Options 

Find a facility with multiple storage units in different sizes to avoid choosing a storage space that’s too big or too small. A unit that’s too big will cause you to pay for more space than you need, and one that’s too small will force you to place your belongings in a tight space that could cause them damage. Choosing a facility with multiple unit size options allows you to transfer units if your items don’t fit. 

After searching for “movers near me,” explore suggested storage facilities in your area to understand their space options. Consider square footage and ceiling height when assessing a unit’s size, especially if you plan to store tall items. Choose a unit that’s spacious enough to fit and protect your belongings while avoiding unnecessary expenses.


Look for an easily accessible storage facility that makes moving items in and out more convenient. Consider a facility’s location to determine its accessibility. A facility located near your current home is ideal if you need a storage unit to declutter your space. If you’re moving to another area, find a facility near your new home to make moving items to the new space easier. Look for facilities with parking availability near the units for easy transport. 

Consider a facility’s operating hours. Some storage facilities offer 24-hour access, and others only operate within specific hours. Assess the items you want to store to determine how often you’ll need to access them. If you’re storing everyday items, choose a 24-hour storage facility, as you never know when you may need to retrieve your belongings. A business-hour facility may be a more practical option for storing items like winter clothing during the summer.


Good security can minimize the risk of theft in your chosen storage facility. Your unit should have a good lock to prevent other parties from accessing your belongings. The entire facility should also be well-lit, as proper lighting often deters thieves from stealing because they can be easily seen. 

The facility should also have a gate access control system and 24/7 surveillance. 24/7 surveillance can prevent individuals who have access to the facility from stealing or allow the facility to track down culprits. A gate access control system can limit theft risk by preventing outsiders from accessing the facility. When exploring potential storage units, observe how easily you can access the facility. Select a facility that requires identification or a key or pin to enter.

Climate-controlled Environment 

A climate-controlled environment is beneficial if you plan to store delicate items like art, wooden furniture, or clothing for an extended period. Art and furniture can warp, and clothes can become moldy if exposed to fluctuating temperatures and humidity. A climate-controlled space can prevent this by keeping temperature and humidity levels constant. Confirm whether your chosen facility requires you to pay extra for climate control, and assess the items you want to store to determine whether the additional cost is worthwhile. 

Transparent Pricing 

Transparent pricing allows you to compare prices between different storage facilities. It can also help you budget for storage more appropriately. This is beneficial if you plan to store your belongings for an extended period, as you can prepare a budget beforehand to avoid extra financial strain. 

Choose a storage facility that provides a breakdown of their charges. The breakdown should include information on circumstances that may warrant additional charges. A reliable facility may include penalties for late or missing payments. Assess the rates of facilities with minimum time requirements, as their prices may change if you need to move your items out before the agreed-upon period elapses. 

Find Storage Facilities and Movers Near Me

Searching for movers in your area is a good starting point when looking for storage facilities. Movers often have their own storage units or partner with storage facilities to protect clients’ items during the moving process. Make a list of potential storage facilities and assess each one based on qualities like size, price, and accessibility. Contact a self-storage facility near you today to learn more about how they can protect your belongings.

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