Different inspirational Pakistani bridal dresses and looks in Canada

Weddings are the most important part of any country, society and state. It’s not just to tie knots of two people for life time. But it’s a ceremony that where two families meet together and get familiarize and get connected further in future. Weddings are equally important not only in Pakistan but also in all other countries. The main thing which is far most important is bride at every wedding. Pakistani bride’s fame is not only limited in Asian countries but also spread in countries like Canada, USA, UK, etc. Popularity of Pakistani brides is mainly due to their dressing. Dresses are the most important part of the weddings.                            

Weddings get started from the day when you all are just thinking about fixing date. The bride has the only tension after this time is her bridal dress. The choice to make your big day dress is purely on your choice irrespective of the environment in which you are standing. In country like Canada, the demand of Pakistani bridal suits is very high. It’s all due to the reason that they give you a completely different and most elegant look. 

Varieties of Pakistani bridal outfits in Canada 

Different varieties of Pakistani bridal wear are available there in Canada. They are most of the time available there at the online sites. You can buy online Pakistani bridal dresses Canada

Events at weddings 

Dresses are chosen according to the events that are occurring there in a wedding. Most of the Pakistani nationals staying there in Canada try to follow full Pakistani rituals at their weddings. The most common Pakistani wedding events are following 

  • Engagement 
  • Date fix
  • Dholki
  • Bridal shower
  • Mayyon and mehndi
  • Barat 
  • Walima or reception

These are the major events that occur at Pakistani weddings and are also followed there even in a country like Canada. Dressings are chosen according to need of these events. 

Engagement, date fix, dholki and bridal shower 

These are included in all those events where most of the time semi formal dressing is preferred in multiple colors. Most commonly used dresses are following 

  • Long or short feroks 
  • Sharara or Gharara are occasionally worn
  • Kurti paired with differently styled trousers or plazzo or sharara 
  • Fancy salwar kameez 
  • Anarkali feroks etc.

Often used colors are shades of pink or blue, yellow, mustard, etc. But color choice on these events is purely on your own choices without any limitations.                         

Mehndi and mayyon 

It’s the event that is all mostly about yellow or green. Some new shades are also introduced to give more splendid look. These shades include colors like mustard, a shade of purple etc. Pakistani mehndi outfits in Canada is of great importance for such events. More traditional wear is preferred on such eves even if you are staying in Canada as you want to recreate your country traditions on your big days. The most commonly used mehndi outfits are following 

  • Sharara or Gharara
  • Anarkali feroks 
  • Long embroidered shirts with wide length plazzo or trousers
  • Multi colored lehnga with different kurti etc 

All these are proved to be the dresses that help you to make your events more memorable and splendid. 

Barat and Nikkah ceremony 

The most important events in Muslims weddings are nikkah and barat. As Nikkah is most pure part of the wedding. It’s the event which is most precious for bride and groom as they write their selves for someone else for life time. It’s the basic part which connects two families, two people for life time. As the event is pure so something light is preferred. Dressing perfect from Pakistani bridal wear that is mostly chosen by you 

  • Pure white sharara paired with red or some light colors like light pink colors
  • Light shade of the blue or brown paired with any dark colored dupatta etc. 

Barat is one of the events where everyone is present there for you. Here everyone is only to notice. They notice different things in you and the most important are following 

  • Dressing 
  • Jewelry
  • Makeup etc. 

But as usual most important part is dressing. So you have to be too much choosey about your dressing. You want your big day event very splendid and gorgeous and near to your homeland. No matter where ever you are staying. For this purpose you move to Pakistani wedding dresses in Canada. The preferred colors for barat are

  • Maroon 
  • Red 

And the dressings used for barat function are

  • Lehnga 
  • Maxi etc 


The last but not least function of the wedding is considered as walima. Reception word is used in same context as walima. It’s not only groom’s function but bride side is also invites. Both eastern and western style of dressing is equally popular. Dressings for reception are

  • Maxi
  • Saree
  • Lehnga
  • Sometimes sharara or Gharara etc.

Pakistani wedding collection in Canada is very popular for brides even in countries like Canada, USA, UK, etc. Daudabbas is always at front foot to provide you best with Pakistani’s collection even online facility is available.   




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