Why You Should Not Skip Using a Hydrating Moisturiser

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Our mothers have all taught us that moisturising is good for your skin. But what if our skin type is oily? The truth is that you should never skip using a hydrating moisturiser, even in summer or if your skin type is oily. A hydrating moisturiser imparts several benefits to your skin. 

But how do you eliminate irritating oiliness? The key to choosing the right skincare products for you depends entirely on your skin type. The ingredients that work well for your friends may be better for you. So, to eliminate any irritation, you must also determine your skin type and choose the right moisturiser. 

This blog will thoroughly discuss why you must always use a hydrating moisturiser. Hydration is required by all skin types, whether oily or dry. So, let’s dive in!

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Using a Hydrating Moisturiser

  • Protection From Fine Lines And Wrinkles

As you age, your skin tends to become dry and flaky. Using a hydrating moisturiser will protect your skin from dryness. This would work towards making your skin firm and wrinkle-free. If you already have wrinkles and fine lines, skipping a moisturiser will make your skin look worse.

  • Reduction of Acne Breakouts

It is a myth that oily skin does not need a moisturiser. In fact, facial oil secretion can be controlled by using a moisturiser suitable for your skin type. When your skin is dehydrated, it can be tricked into thinking it is thirsty; therefore, the oil production increases. This leads to acne breakouts. A moisturiser suitable for an oily skin type will help curb acne breakouts.

  • Moisturizer Seals the Active Ingredients in Serum

After cleansing and toning, many of us follow up with a serum with active ingredients to treat skin-related issues. Applying a moisturiser will seal the ingredients from the serum and let the skin care work its magic.

  • Strengthens Skin Barrier

Skipping a moisturiser often leads to skin dryness. Prolonged skin dryness can lead to a compromised skin barrier, resulting in many skin-related issues like acne, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. Using a moisturiser in your skincare routine will strengthen your skin barrier and give you a youthful glow. Moisturising is even more essential for people with skin-related issues like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. Skipping a moisturiser will weaken your skin barrier and make your skin look tired, dull, and flaky.

  • Skin Hydration

In summer, most of us use air conditioners, which can lead to transepidermal water loss from the skin. Similarly, in winter, the chilly air can make the skin dehydrated. This can make your skin look flaky and dry. To prevent this, always use a moisturiser in your skincare routine. 

  • Cell Regeneration

Our skin is in a constant process of regenerating skin cells. This makes our skin look youthful. However, as we age, the skin regeneration process becomes slower. Therefore, you should always use a hydrating moisturiser to aid the skin in generating new cells.

  • Smoothes Out Wrinkles And Fine lines

If you already have wrinkles and fine lines, your skin can look dull and dehydrated if you skip moisturiser. Incorporating a moisturiser into your skincare routine will ensure you age gracefully and beautifully.

  • Results in Brighter Skin

Nowadays, moisturisers are infused with many active ingredients like retinol, niacinamide, and vitamin C. You can choose a moisturiser according to your skin concerns. For example, if you want a brightening effect, you can use a moisturiser with vitamin C. If acne breakouts are your concern, you can choose a moisturiser with the benefits of tea tree oil. If open pores and uneven skin tone bother you, pick a moisturiser with niacinamide. You have no excuse to skip a hydrating moisturiser, especially when there is one to cater to every skin concern.

  • Provides an Additional Layer of Protection

Moisturising your skin will add an additional layer of protection to your skin. This will protect the skin from transepidermal water loss and other environmental pollutants. There is a moisturiser that is suitable for every skin type and every weather. Take your pick!

  • Even the Application of Makeup

A moisturiser makes the skin hydrated and plump, which results in the even application of makeup. Conversely, makeup will always look patchy on dry and dehydrated skin as makeup sticks to flaky areas. Therefore, apply moisturiser and let it sink into your skin before applying makeup.

Final Thoughts!

By now, we are convinced that you will incorporate a moisturiser in your skincare routine, irrespective of your skin type or the weather conditions in your area. There is no reason to skip your moisturiser, especially when there are a plethora of good quality moisturisers that cater to every need. Moisturising helps you achieve that glass skin effect and maintain a healthy skin barrier. 

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