How to be attractive on social media everything you need to know

The web, and more particularly the social networks, are now to all intents and purposes a reality experienced by all people.

A world in which everyone builds their own identity to show to others.

Having an unattractive social profile will make you feel “invisible” in the eyes of others, and this feeling can be quite painful.

Let’s begin to understand how and why it has become so important to take better care of one’s image on the internet, and all the benefits that we can obtain.

Why it is important to have a good social profile

Like it or not, it is useless to deny that nowadays we live two lives the one on the internet and the real one.

More and more people spend their time on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube etc. Not to mention WhatsApp and Telegram, now two essential realities if you want to stay in touch with others.

Now let’s see together the main reasons why you should learn to take care of your virtual image.

It’s our first business card  When a person visits our profile, everything they find inside talks about us. Would you be interested in meeting a person who made a very negative first impression on you Hardly.

Nowadays more and more people meet on social networks  Facebook  2.8 billion users – Youtube  2.1 billion users – WhatsApp  2.2 billion users – Instagram  1.3 billion users. These are the updated data of people using social networks around the world (and it’s growing every year.

A showcase on the world 2.0  Now when you want to get to know a person you go to visit (more or less secretly) his profile. Therefore, having a well-established presence and an attractive image will allow us to be seen and appreciated by many more people than in the past.

Now that we know a little bit of data better and have reflected on some of the points for which we should improve our social networks, let’s see concretely how we can do it.

7 factors people find attractive on social media and in real life

We must be able to understand what others find beautiful, interesting and intriguing!

This is probably the most important thing to do if you want to be attractive to other people.

Here is a complete list:

1) The physical aspect  it may seem obvious, but one of the factors that most captures people’s attention and interest (especially at first glance) is the physique. By this we mean; face, hair, physique, proportions, body care (hands, teeth, face, etc.). While it’s true that we can’t do much about it, it was mother nature who decided for us, at the same time nothing prevents us from improving and enhancing our strengths, working on those we like least.

2) Attitude  Even people who are not considered particularly physically attractive often manage to have great social, romantic and intimate success with many people. This is because the way we present ourselves to others matters so much! The traits that are most considered sexy are self-confidence (in walking, talking, looking at others), irony and self-irony, a slight aura of mystery, and being brilliant and intelligent during conversations.

3) The physical aspect 2.0  Here mother nature has much less to do with it, and it’s up to us to make the most of ourselves. Fashionable clothing that makes us  cool , a haircut that enhances our gaze and the shape of the face, well-groomed hands, accessories that give us personality, and last but not least = impeccable hygiene.

4) Social status  The people you surround yourself with and the environments you frequent say a lot about you. Most people are attracted to someone with a certain social status! In short, surround yourself with many people, participate in events and parties, become part of exclusive environments, acquire social power and you will be more attractive.

5) Money  Many people say that they are not interested in money, but let’s face it, they have considerable power and are sometimes capable of real miracles (see over 60s with breathtaking young people). Economic power attracts and manages to compensate for many other defects, there is little you can do!

6) Lifestyle  The people who are most considered in this society are often those capable of sustaining a standard of living that makes others envious. We’re not talking about necessarily being a millionaire and spending who knows how much. Just show yourself with an interesting life in the eyes of others and the game will be done. Examples traveling, aperitifs and dinners in trendy clubs, having non-boring hobbies and passions, frequenting stimulating environments, going to the gym, boating with friends, etc.

7) Intelligence  Being considered intelligent and brilliant people attracts different people (especially of the female gender). In fact, more and more women declare themselves to be sapiosexuals, that is, attracted more by the mind than by the body of a person.

PS  it is normal to be able to meet someone who is not particularly interested in any of these factors, since (fortunately) we are not all the same.

However, according to various psychological and social studies, these are the interests that capture the mind and attention of the vast majority of the population.

Tips for a super attractive social profile

There are precise rules for having an image on social media that manages to be attractive nowadays, let’s see what they are together!

Your profile picture

The “power” of having a great profile picture is often overlooked, but we can assure you that it can make all the difference in the world.

83 % of people said they choose to accept or send a friend request (or a follow), just by looking at the photo we choose to put on our personal page.

This rule is especially important with Facebook, as it’s the first thing other users will be able to see about you.

Use the best you have

Don’t post the same profile picture over and over again , or people scrolling through your pictures will always see the same picture.

No low quality photos , bynow almost all of us have a cell phone capable of not taking grainy photos.

Avoid photos from too close , a big face will appear that will not do you justice.

Also avoid those from too far away , otherwise you’ll look like a dot in the distance.

No photos with too many filters , it’s fine to be able to improve slightly with plays of light, saturation and angle, but let’s try not to seem excessively fake (people notice this).

Have a family or friend take a series of photos in beautiful places, show yourself smiling, position yourself showing your best side and that’s it!

The other photos

If you have passed the first step, then they will start scrolling and browsing all the other images you have posted, or at least the ones that will attract their attention the most.

Here are some simple rules of thumb to follow to impress others

Better few but good  don’t be obsessed with having to post something every day, otherwise your profile will fill up with an infinite number of things that may bore your viewers, always prefer quality over quantity.

Enhance your image  publishing too many landscapes, dishes and poetic phrases (unless you do it for a job profile in these fields) in the long run makes those who visit your page lose interest. If people follow you it is because they are attractedintrigued by you and not necessarily by what you eat or visit.

Use your body but without vulgarity  the seduction lies in the small details, in that I can’t see, in the best outfits and in the most mysterious smiles and looks. Try not to overdo it otherwise you will become a magnet for human cases.

The 7030 rule

It is an unwritten rule, as simple as it is effective!

This consists of publishing your best photos 70% of the time, where you can enhance your face, body, show your clothing, a new hairstyle, etc.

While the remaining 30% of the time, you choose to put yourself in the second floor in the shot and leave the focus on the context you are experiencing.

For example while reading a book, or photographing the breathtaking view in front of you, or the sushi you are eating on the boat or the car you are driving and so on.

This mix is ​​used to create a perfect combination that does not make those who follow you tired and turn up their noses.

100 photos of you winking in front of a mirror can show excessive and almost ridiculous narcissism, just as posting 100 photos where you never appear will make you look like a mysterious ghost.

That said, we hope you find many people who can appreciate you, but above all that we can start loving you for who you are!

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