Baby Essentials: Must-Have Items for Newborns and Toddlers


Babies are the little bundle of joy who can give instant happiness to not just the parents, but to the whole family. It is obvious for the parents to look for better and best things for the little ones. Not just in terms of food, but also clothing and other products. Before the arrival of the little prince, we all would have a little checklist which is going to be useful for the little ones.

It’s normal to get confused when you browse or look at the list shown in the details. As the saying goes, “Less is More”, make sure you keep the things that are just sufficient or must have. This is because they will be way more confusing when you have a lot of things packed. The quality of the product matters more than the quantity; So, make sure to have the right products at your budget, according to your needs or preferences.

Wondering about the list that is needed? Never worry. Here we have formulated the must-have baby products for the newborn and toddlers in your home. 

  • Carry Nest:

Carry nests are going to be your saviour especially when it’s your firstborn baby. This is because the carry nest will give the dose of support needed to carry your little one. It is important to keep the baby’s neck well-balanced so that they do not cause any pain in the specific area.

There are quite different carry nests available in both cotton and muslin materials; You can choose one which can suit your little ones.

  • NightSuits:

Night Suits are something that should be comfortable for the little ones. Since they might get irritated or cranky at times, the nightwear should give a sense of comfort. Choose good quality nightwear for kids. There are different types available and you can choose them based on the climatic conditions. Mama and Peaches have a good quality kids’ clothing collection for both baby girls and baby boys.

  1. Kurtas:

When it’s a baby boy, even though the collection for daily wear seems to be simple, they will provide the needed dose of comfort for the baby. There is even an offer running on Mama and PEaches website, where you can choose 3 different sets under 2.5K.

  • Sunsuits:

This is going to be a saviour for baby girls, especially during the summer seasons. The best part in choosing Mama and Peaches is that they have a wide range of prints available in such an affordable range.

  • Accessories:

When you are going by choosing the accessories like bindi, bangles, anklets, etc., it is important to go with soft and hurt-free products. Make sure to choose the right products just by looking at the quality of the material or things rather than the quantity.

The above collections are mandatory for babies; This is because they give the dose of comfiness needed for the baby during their initial days after the babies.

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