5 Ways Enhance your Home Decor with Jute Carpets

5 Ways Enhance your Home Decor with Jute Carpets

When does a house feel like a home? It is when you add a few decors to the house that makes you feel light and radiates positive energy. Jute rugs/carpets are one such decor that can enhance your home. Jute carpets are manufactured from jute plants which are predominantly found in India and Bangladesh. To make the carpets, the bark of the plant is cut off and dried. Then after acquiring the natural jute fibre, it is woven or spun into a yarn to make a rug. The natural color of the jute is a gold tint. If any vibrant color is needed to be incorporated, then the yarns can even be dyed and then converted into carpets.

Jute carpets are known for their durability and biodegradable factors. They are known for their softness, resistance against heat, durability and easy maintenance. These are a really good eco-friendly option since they are made from natural fibers. It can be used in a variety of spaces, be it indoor or outdoor. In indoor spaces, it can be used in living rooms or bedrooms to add an earthy touch to the home. 

1. Layering the carpets

Layering of carpets adds more elegance to the space when done in the right way. Usually, the base carpet can be large and of neutral shade and it can be layered with a patterned one which is smaller than the base. In order to avoid the bulgy look of layers, carpets of half an inch or less can be used. Layering is best done in the living room. It transforms the room into a bigger space.

2.  Style the pathway

Pathways in a home are spaces where there is a lot of scope for jute carpets to be used. This is because these are spaces where a lot of walking is done unlike in the centre of the living room. Since jute carpets are easy to clean and maintain, even if the constant walking brings in dirt, there are no worries. The jute carpets can endure the usual traffic of well-traveled pathways in your home. It can withstand the constant traffic of well-traveled pathways of your home.

3. Pattern styling

 Even though the natural hue of jute rugs is golden brown, dyed, patterned carpets are also available in the market nowadays. The colorful, patterned carpets when used in a room will make the room more vibrant. You can choose the pattern and color according to your personality. The consideration of wall colors while choosing patterned carpets is also important. Usually, patterned carpets are best matched with walls that are neutral. Using these patterned and colored carpets can create a versatile look for your home.

4. Enhance Reading Corner

The reading corner is a space where you spend time with yourself reading and imagining scenarios. The calmness that is felt in this place can be enhanced by adding a jute carpet to the reading nook by giving a very cozy and sophisticated look. It is not just comfort that is added to the reading nook, but also the dash of modern style to the space.

5. On the Balcony

The balcony is an area where you have your coffee in the morning to start a busy day or a place where you relax and catch up with your loved ones after a stressful day. Hence jute carpets in this place can add warmth to the space. Incorporating a jute carpet here is the right thing to do. Since sunlight falls directly in this space, jute carpets can withstand the sun’s exposure.

When you get creative with jute carpets, it modifies the whole look of the home. Jute carpets are highly functional and can be used in any part of the home, be it the living area or the patio. Hence choosing a high-quality carpet is a game changer for your home.

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