what is mobile installer and does it works?

mobile installer 

Have you ever been through this query what is mobile installer?  In Samsung devices, the mobile installer is a pre-installed application. Although, You don’t need it to operate your Samsung phone. Mobile Installer enables you to install new apps which you’ve downloaded. Like if you have downloaded any app and found it in your apk file, Now installing it will be the task of the mobile installer.

In addition, It executes a procedure to automate your download process to determine if the app is safe for your phone or not. Being technology experts we will explore more about it.

What Is Mobile Installer On Android And How Does It Work?

If you are a Samsung user, you might glimpse this, because the mobile installer is a pre-installed app on Samsung devices. It installs the downloaded apps. Sometimes we find the APK file while downloading some apps, And there is a particular method to download that file. Device installs and unpack the file with a mobile installer. And do some minor processes for the safety of the phone.

You can enjoy that app after this procedure.

How Does Mobile Installer Work On Android?

The mobile installer has allowed the user to handle and install the downloaded 

apps. It is made for the comfort of you users. Along with this, you’ve found this user-friendly interface. Not only this, but it also presents many other components that are advantageous for your phone.:

App installation

Installer allows you to install the downloaded apps in an Android.

Find and install new applications

See your app from Google play store with the help of installer.


With some clicks, you can update the apps to the installer.


If you are facing the memory issue, or don’t use any app you can also uninstall that app with the installer.


Do you like to manage all your apps in one place? If yes then this feature makes this thing easy. 

Is Mobile Installer Safe?

As we know the mobile installer app is pre-installed by the android device. And No one shall add any harmful features to their devices. So if you’ve any doubt regarding the installer, You don’t need to worry at all because it is completely safe. It doesn’t contain the virus, as many people have this thought because it is bloatware

So let me clear here, those bloatware contain viruses that come from unknown and untrustworthy authorities. In the mobile installer you doesn;t find the virus issue.

Benefits of Using Mobile Installer App

You can find more benefits of mobile installer. Few are given below.

Download Multiple Apps at A Time

With many other advantages, the installer also saves your time. Waiting for one app to download is over, As you can download many apps at the same time. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that, The mobile installer is Programmed to run in the background and install instantly.

Save Space Through Mobile Installer

If you are facing internal storage issues, then this feature is very beneficial for you. The mobile installer is very beneficial, giving you this advantage to conserve space on your device. So you can use your mobile without this internal space issue. You can keep multiple apps in your phone.

Mobile Installer For Mobile performance improver

Sometimes our phone runs slowly due to having many apps, which causes us distress. The smartphone runs slow, due to the processing of each app in the background. 

How to Uninstall Mobile Installer on Android?

Uninstalling downloaded apps is easy, but uninstalling pre–installed apps on the phone is not so easy. If you want to uninstall the mobile installer as other apps, it can’t be like the other apps. However, there are few methods, which can help you to uninstall it.

Reboot your Device

You can solve this problem only by restarting your android phone. 

Following are the simplest steps for restarting an android.

Step 1

Press and hold the given on/off button in the phone for 4 to 5 seconds. You will see the power menu appear after this press.

Step 2

In the power menu, you can see the Restart option, tap on it.

Step 3

When it prompts, ensure it.

Clear App Cache and Data

This is another option for you. However, you can use this procedure to enhance your android performance. 

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Let’s launch the Settings application.

Step 2

Here you will see the app manager or system application, click it to select.

Step 3

Search the Mobile Installer, go to this page.

Step 4

Select the storage by Clicking on it.

Step 5

Here you’ll see the clear cache and data. You can clear cache and clear data just at a click.

Try System App Remover

You can uninstall the system apps by System App Remover. It is easily downloaded like the other apps to remove mobile installer applications. Follow these steps. 

  1. Go to the app.
  2. Select the Mobile installer.
  3. Tap to uninstall option.
  4. Verify the setting by clicking on OK.


I hope now you have gotten the answer to this question: what is a mobile installer?  There are many benefits of this feature, And now you can enjoy and get the advantages of it.


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