List of Best Baby Stores to Shop Baby Gift Hamper in Singapore

Finding the best baby gift hamper is a tedious task. But what’s even harder is to find an all-in-one store that caters to all your needs. Everyone wants to offer new parents beautiful gifts that outshine every other present. No doubt, gift hampers are the epitome of practicality, sentimentality, meaningfulness, and creativity. Instead of buying gifts individually, it’s best to present a box that is a bundle of essentials for new moms. Jam-packed with essentials and entertaining items, you can never go wrong with a newborn hamper. From being affordable to being a practical choice, gift hampers are what you need to grab for your little one today. 

Every parent’s day is made upon receiving a functional hamper. Since they are a bundle of every little thing, parents can’t be more thankful to you. In Singapore, you can find an array of baby gift stores offering the finest hampers. So, instead of buying gifts individually, it’s best to pack them in a lovely box and present it to parents on their baby’s momentous occasion. Trouble picking the best store? We are here to help you! Here is a list of the best baby stores where you can shop for premium hampers in Singapore. Let’s dive in!

Lovingly Signed

Every baby deserves a remarkable celebration and Lovingly Signed is ready to make your moments merrier. Get a beautiful baby gift hamper from the store and surprise the new parents with your special present. Here, you can find a wide variety of hampers, all tailored to the needs of a little one. Lovingly Signed is well-known in the gift industry for its charming personalized gifts. Their team is equipped with skilled artisans that provide the best shopping experience ever. With their attention to detail, this store stands second to none. So, for the next baby event, visit Lovingly Signed for their delightful collection of baby hampers.


Find all maternity, newborn, baby, and toddler essentials at SuperMom. With loads of products available online and in-store, it has become one of the largest vendors of baby gifts in Singapore. Here, you can find everything under a single roof. SuperMom has a lot of baby essentials like diapers, feeding, baby food, bath time items, strollers, bedding sets, nursery products, car seats, toys, and a lot more. Another wonderful thing about this store is their huge parenting community in Asia. Parents can interact with each other and share fun moments with their kids. Moreover, they can ask for tips and suggestions about parenting as well.


Mothercare is the baby gift specialist. This store curates the best baby gift items and therefore, you can find nearly everything on a single platform. From cute furniture for your baby’s room to essentials to toys, there’s nothing skipped at this store. With its quality and contemporary products, it has a positive reputation in the gifting industry. At Mothercare, you can not only find amazing gifts for your wee ones but also they offer generous advice to parents as they start their new journey. Along with being an all-in-one baby gift store, they offer commendable services for new and expectant moms. 


Infantree sources products internationally which makes it the biggest seller of baby products in Singapore. This store works closely with plenty of suppliers to stock the best baby gift items in one place. At this store, you will find furniture, bathtime items, maternity care, toys, nursery essentials, and many more products to take the best care of your kids. Infantree has developed a loyal relationship with its suppliers as well as clients. This has helped it to expand its operations and meet the requirements of new parents and gift-givers.

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Elly Milley

Elly Milley has been in the baby gift industry for a little time but it has managed to offer affordable and luxurious gift options to parents. From cosy swaddles to comfy clothes to delicious weaning products, find all that you need at this store. This store stocks products from across the globe and use them on their kids first. This develops a sense of confidence in parents that they are purchasing good-quality products. Elly Milley aims to ease the lives of mommies as they embark on this new venture. With orders delivered to your doorstep, the store strives to make your moments better than ever.


Babies a wonderful creation and their every little thing calls for a celebration. And when we say celebration, it means to pamper the little one with beautiful gift items. Lovingly Signed is our favourite store to get a baby gift hamper for the soon-to-be arriving junior. Whether you pick their readymade sets or design your own, your hamper leaves everyone amazed. Don’t forget personalization for an additional special touch!

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