All You Need to Know About Requirements for Australian Student Visa

Australian Student Visa

With Australia holding 8.8% higher enrolment in educational programs across the world, it provides quality education for immigrants and inhabits a warmly welcoming attitude towards multicultural societies in order to ensure the best educational and employment opportunities. Thus, head starting your career by achieving quality education from one of the best countries in the world can not only open up you to an amazing learning experience, but also better growth opportunities. 

Find below requirements for Australia student visa and all other necessary aspects ranging from documents required to basic eligibility to get a complete idea for your educational needs before applying for a visa online. The Australia Student Visa from India, commonly known as Subclass 500, enables travellers to go to Australia for the purpose of study or training. A candidate may stay for up to 5 years. The approximate cost of this student visa in Australia is AUD 650.

English language test

Just how the name suggests, an English proficiency test is a must in order to bag an Australian student visa for your education in the country and you will be needed to present a certificate of your improved English proficiency test results in order to verify your English language ability as an overseas student who does not speak English as your native tongue. 

Adequate amount of funds

The applicant for an Australia student visa must also demonstrate that they have the resources to support themselves while they are in Australia. By submitting bank statements or proof of scholarships or awards, you can satisfy the requirements. This will guarantee that you have enough money to pay for your course costs, airfare, rent, and other expenditures in addition to the cost of your student visa for Australia. Additionally, you can offer documentation of your parent’s or partner’s yearly salary, which must exceed AUD 63,000. 

Overseas Student Health Cover

This requires the candidate to have health insurance for international students. This requirement should be carefully taken into account because the absence of this document could lead to the denial of your request for a student visa. This insurance policy offers many advantages. Your hospital and medical expenses will be covered by this insurance plan while you are travelling in Australia. Even prescription medications and emergency ambulance services are covered by this health insurance.

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) 

The GTE essentially serves as proof of your plans to return home once your studies and the visa time are through. For an Australia student visa, GTE entails composing statements that address two requirements. First a sentence explaining that you are travelling to Australia solely for academic purposes and for no other reason. Second, a statement confirming that you will only stay in Australia temporarily and not overstay your visa is necessary for Australia study visa requirements.

Enrolment Confirmation

Another crucial document that must be submitted in order to obtain an Australia study visa is an enrolment confirmation. Once you have accepted the offer letter and paid the expenses for the Australia student visa, the educational institution gives you this. A copy of the enrolment confirmation must be submitted with your visa application as verification.  


These were a few requirements that should be taken into account carefully when making up your mind for a student visa for Australia. In addition to this, for students wishing to pursue their education abroad can consider Forex cards for students as one of their requirements for an Australian student visa for the utmost convenience during their journey. Not only does this help you save money and is cheaper than other cards, but also help you enjoy special privileges being immensely safer than carrying cash.

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