How to Convert a PDF File to Text by Wps office: Best Techniques for Extracting


PDF (Portable Document Format) files are frequently used for document sharing and distribution due to their fixed layout and compatibility across multiple devices. However, extracting the text from a PDF may be a necessity, particularly if the content is to be reused or edited. Converting PDF to text is an essential task, and in this article, we will examine the most effective methods and instruments for performing this conversion. Whether you need to extract text from a scanned PDF or one that was created digitally, we can help.

Utilization of Online PDF to Text Converters

Online PDF to text converters provide a simple and convenient method for extracting text from PDF files. These web-based utilities require no software installation and are accessible from any internet-connected device. Here are several well-known online PDF to text converters:

Smallpdf ( is a flexible online platform that offers a variety of PDF utilities, including a PDF to text converter. To convert PDF to text with Smallpdf, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to on the Smallpdf website.
  2. Upload the PDF document to be converted.
  3. Smallpdf will mechanically extract and display the PDF’s text on the screen.
  4. Click “Download” to save the extracted text to your device as a TXT file.

The Online2PDF website (

Online2PDF is an additional trustworthy online PDF converter that supports PDF to text conversion. Here’s how to extract text from a PDF using Online2PDF:

  1. Navigate to Online2PDF’s site (
  2. Transfer your google pdf redact free editor file.
  3. Select specific pages (optional) or “All pages” to extract the complete text.
  4. Click “Convert” to initiate the conversion.
  5. Upon completion of the conversion, obtain the extracted text as a TXT file.

WPS Office: Easy Ways to Convert PDF to Text 


WPS Office WPS is an office suite that includes a number of tools for managing, creating, editing, and saving files. Additionally, it can convert PDF files into editable Word documents. Additionally, it has grown to be a popular option for consumers seeking a user-friendly interface and free PDF to text conversion.

The methods to use WPS office to convert a PDF file into an editable Word document are as follows.

Install and launch WPS Office if you don’t already have it. Open the necessary PDF file for conversion now.

Open PDF in WPS

Look for the “Export PDF” tool by selecting “Menu” in the top left corner of the screen. This will appear as a clickable choice.

Choose Export PDF Step 3: A dropdown menu will appear once you choose the Export PDF tool. Select “Word” as the preferred file format option.

Decide on Word Format

Convert and export your file after choosing the Word format. The option to save the file to your system is available here. Choose an acceptable spot to save the file, then do so.

Save the Word File Professionals

  • Give you the option of a free trial before you decide to buy.
  • Using an intuitive interface, assist users in converting PDF to Word and PDF to text.
  • Compatible with several file types, including DOC, PPT, PPTX, DOCX, PDF, XLS, and XLSX.
  • Perform a variety of productivity-enhancing tasks to avoid downloading additional applications.


Converting PDF to text enables an abundance of opportunities for reusing, modifying, and analyzing content. Whether you prefer desktop solutions for more comprehensive conversions or online converters for quick duties, there are numerous options available. 

In addition, OCR technology revolutionizes the process of text extraction from scanned documents. By following the tips and using the recommended tools, you can convert PDF to text accurately and efficiently. Farewell to restricted PDF content and hello to the freedom of modifiable text!


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