A Complete Guide for Converting DJVU to PDF Using WPS Office


A common file format for storing scanned texts and high-resolution photographs is called DJVU (pronounced “déjà vu”). Even while DJVU files are effective at maintaining image quality while minimizing file size, there may be times when you need to convert them to PDF format for broader compatibility and simpler distribution. In this post, we’ll look at how to convert DJVU to PDF and how WPS Office can help you do it quickly and easily.

Why Convert from DJVU to PDF?

The following are some benefits of converting DJVU to PDF:

Universal Acceptance: PDF is a widely used file format that works with a wide range of hardware and operating systems. When a file is converted from DJVU to PDF, it may be opened and viewed on the majority of devices without the need for specialized software.

Text Selection and Search: PDFs are text-searchable, enabling users to pick out particular text, copy it, and look it up elsewhere in the document. This capability might not be available in DJVU files, hence PDF conversion is necessary for text extraction.

Ease of Sharing: Due to their compact file size and broad compatibility, PDFs are frequently used for document sharing. You can easily share the file with coworkers, clients, or friends by converting DJVU to PDF.

Digital archiving: Sample pdf documents are the best format for long-term digital archiving because they guarantee the long-term preservation of both the content and the quality of the images.

Can WPS Office Aid in the Conversion of DJVU to PDF?

Yes, WPS Office provides a strong conversion tool for DJVU files to PDF. You may quickly convert your DJVU documents to PDF format with WPS PDF, a component of the WPS Office package.

How Do I Convert DJVU to PDF Using WPS Office?

The process of converting DJVU to PDF with WPS PDF is simple:

  • First, download and set up WPS Office.
  • Download and install WPS Office on your device from the official website if you haven’t already.
  • 2. Open the WPS PDF
  • Open the WPS PDF program, which is a component of the WPS Office package.
  • Import the DJVU file in step three.
  • Select the DJVU file you want to convert to PDF by clicking “Open File” and choosing it.
  • Fourth step: create a PDF
  • Once the DJVU file has been opened, click “File” and then “Save As.” Select “PDF” as the output format, then save the file where you want it to be.
  • Customize Settings (Optional) in Step 5
  • If necessary, you can alter the PDF conversion parameters, choosing particular pages to convert or changing the image quality.
  • Save the PDF in step six.
  • To finish converting DJVU to PDF, click “Save” after making any necessary modifications.


A useful talent to have is the ability to convert DJVU to PDF, particularly if you want text selectability, universal compatibility, and simple sharing. You can easily convert DJVU files to PDF format and take advantage of this commonly used file format with WPS Office and its potent PDF editing tool, WPS PDF. 

WPS Office offers a user-friendly solution for all your document conversion requirements, regardless of whether you’re a student, professional, or casual user. Utilize WPS Office’s convenience and adaptability for seamless DJVU to PDF conversion and benefit from improved compatibility and sharing capabilities for your documents. With WPS Office, you can easily convert DJVU files to PDF and enjoy the freedom of file compatibility.



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