How to Find the Best WordPress Developers for Website Needs

Are you also looking for the best WordPress developers who can help you build a unique and customized WordPress website?

WordPress powers a significant number of websites spanning across industries. It is a powerful platform and offers convenience and security for users. 

However, Hiring the best WordPress developers can prove to be an overwhelming task. 

By the end of this blog, you will know:

  • Why you should hire a WordPress developer
  • The complete process of hiring a WordPress developer
  • What should you look for in the ideal candidate? 

Keep reading to know more! 

Why Should You Hire WordPress Developers? 

For somebody just starting, requirements to hire WordPress developers might seem obsolete and unnecessary. WordPress provides an extensive plugin-enabled plan that helps beginners build their own websites. 

However, that might not be the best plan in the long term. 

Experienced and best WordPress developers can provide the following: 

  • Technical support – 

To enhance the functioning of your WordPress website or for better maintenance-related assistance.

  • Better customization

WordPress runs on plugins that add customization and functionality to your website. A WordPress developer can assist you with the right plugins according to your requirements.

  • Knowledge of multiple languages

WordPress development is considered to be high-quality work. To be good at it, you must learn many languages, from PHP to Java. 

Hiring the best WordPress developers will just save you this time and let you focus on enhancing your work quality. 

  • Web analytics and Data security 

A WordPress developer understands the need to leverage web analytics to improve site performance and enhance data security on your website. 

A WordPress developer can do so much for your website at half the effort. 

How to find the best WordPress developers?

Building a new WordPress website is a tedious task.

To help navigate your search, here are a few steps to help you hire a WordPress developer.

1. Type of WordPress developer 

Having a clear vision of the type of WordPress developer you need for your project helps to speed up your hiring process. 

Start by having a clear idea of the entire scope of your project. You can begin this by making a list of pages you want. You can also list the specific features you want on those pages, such as an e-commerce functionality or a multi-author blog. 

If you are unclear on what to add to your project, take inspiration from your favorite websites. Doing so makes the process simpler.

2. Create a Job Post 

There are many mediums to hire WordPress developers

Regardless of whether you are hiring a WordPress developer through a freelance website or some shared connections, it is recommended that you create a job post outlining the specific requirements which will be the best fit for your project. 

This practice will have a multifold advantage for you. 

One is that it will help potentially talented individuals find your opening and apply for the job. Second, it will help you and the individual applying have clear expectations throughout the hiring process. 

Such practices have saved time for many organizations and will ensure that you don’t spend your precious time and energy on people who might not have experience with a specific skill you are looking for.

3. Checking the expertise of the developer

There are various ways in which you can check the experience of the developer. 

Ideally, the best WordPress developers can understand your specific requirements and have versatile attention to detail. They should be able to easily design, create and customize websites using the WordPress CMS. 

Here are some questions you should be asking your developers to understand their expertise better: 

  • Do they customize themes and plugins? 
  • Which programming languages are they fluent in? For example, familiarity with HTML and CSS helps you design the website structure and customize its presentation. If you want to increase your website’s functionality, you should be looking for proficiency in PHP. Fluency with JavaScript helps to make sites interactive. 
  • Will they help you improve the technical SEO to improve your rankings? 
  • How good are they in their troubleshooting and problem-solving ability? 
  • Will it be easy to communicate and collaborate with them? 
  • What is the timeline for your project, and is your developer on the same page as you? 
  • Has the developer worked on similar projects before? What were the outcomes? 
  • How are their previous reviews and testimonials? 

Looking for a combination of soft and hard skills helps you achieve the most on your WordPress development project. You must know what skills you are looking for based on the specific project you are working on. 

4. Do you want to hire Freelance permanently?

Most companies hire WordPress developers roles on a freelance basis. It also proves to be the most budget-friendly option. 

Freelance professionals can also work on individual, one-time projects or new projects. 

Some popular platforms on which you can look for freelancers who will take up WordPress Development projects are Fiverr, Freelancer, 99designs, and other such places. 

It is noteworthy that looking up and filtering out the right WordPress developer for these platforms might be time-consuming and tedious. 

Some agencies have a talent pool of the best WordPress developers. 

5. Setting up payment plans 

Budget is one of the most important deciding factors for hiring a WordPress developer for most organizations. 

It is always better to be clear about the complete pricing plan based on the entire scope of the work than to have multiple back-and-forths in the middle of tight deadlines. 

The pricing plan depends on the individual’s expertise, previous experiences, and skills acquired through their journey. 

Depending on your project budget, you can decide how much you can invest in the project. 

6. Do they offer trial runs? 

After such a comprehensive filtering process, most likely, you should be able to find some of the best WordPress developers available.

Most freelance WordPress developers provide a trial run for the project. Ensure you are asking whether your WordPress developer is up for it.

If they deny it and you still aren’t 100% sure of them, consider providing them with a paid project. Reviewing a minor assignment they did will give you a fair idea of their working process, skillsets, and whether they are the right fit. 

7. Create a contract 

Now, you are all set to kickstart the project. You can create a contract with all the project details, like payment methods, ownerships, timelines, terminating guidelines, and particulars that secure you and the WordPress developer from any potential threats. 


Hiring a WordPress developer has many advantages. They help you increase your website’s functionality with far less effort than you would put into the job. 

This comprehensive guide will help you figure out the most seamless way to hire WordPress developers who adds extra value to your website. 

Whatever your requirements, from customizing your website to adding more functionality or securing your data, a WordPress developer can do everything for your website. 

Hiring the right fit takes effort, but the returns make it worth it. Look for good communication skills in your developer so they can understand your details better. 

Ensure you review their portfolio and work samples before onboarding them for a seamless working experience. Remember that the best WordPress developers are just a click away. 


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