Here is Why Businesses Should Give Freebies

Here is Why Businesses Should Give Freebies

As a business owner, you already know that each and every one of your clientele matters, which is why you will want to know efficient strategies to keep your old customers and also win new customers with freebies.

Yes, you read this right! Freebies are an excellent way to get new customers onboard. And suppose you look at the bigger picture of giving away freebies or customized items, such as custom lanyards, cushions, and mugs with your company’s name on them. In that case, you see that it is also about expanding your target audience and boosting brand visibility.


The Good Feelings Linked with Freebies

Essentially, the entire idea of having a business is about bringing your products and services in front of your target and selling the products and services. Now, when it comes to giving away freebies, it can be the perfect tool for attracting new customers and also to boost customer loyalty.

At the end of the day, you will want your potential clients and your target audience to feel good about your business, and a freebie can just do that. If you look at the freebie from the client’s perspective, you will see that a branded freebie does nothing less than create an overall positive impression of the brand.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the good feeling that is linked with getting things for free. People absolutely love the power of having to pay absolutely nothing for things. There is something quite deliberating about this. Imagine going to a store and getting free cone samples.

Apart from feeling good for having to pay for nothing, you can also use free giveaways to express your appreciation for your customers, which will come in handy in generating a positive brand experience for your customers.


Assess Your Goals First 

Now that you know what freebies can do to your clients, you know that it is great for your business as it can help you maintain your clientele, get new customers, boost brand visibility, and generate a great user experience.

Before you integrate the strategy of freebies in your business market plan, you will want to set clear goals by asking yourself the following questions:

    • What do you expect to accomplish with your campaign of giving free giveaways?
    • Are you hoping to create buzz around a product/ service you want to launch soon?
    • Are you hoping to attract the attention of a wider target audience or media outlets?


Freebies can generate brand awareness and create buzz at trade shows and business seminars. With the help of free giveaways and holding social media contests, you can generate leads. With freebies, you can introduce new products and services.

You can also use freebies to build strong client relationships and foster your existing ones. That said, you will want to take your time to assess how you would want to include freebies in your existing marketing campaign.

With the help of clearly defined goals, you can save much of your time and energy while ensuring the success of your marketing and brand-building campaign.


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