4 Household Drains That Should Be Cleared Regularly

Drain clearing can protect your family’s health from bacteria caused by clogged drains. It can also prevent sink overflows, protecting your floors and walls from damage. Regularly cleaning your drains can protect your pipes and prevent the spread of bad odors in your house. Having the following four household drains cleaned regularly by an expert can speed up your house’s drainage:

1. Slope Drains 

Many houses located on inclined terrains may tend to have slope drainage systems. When clogged, the drains prevent water from swiftly flowing in a downward direction. During cleaning, a plumber can first inspect if the drain is strategically located. Once they clear the drains, they then anchor the pipes into the right incline to prevent future clogs.

2. Surface Drains 

Plumbers install surface drains on a house’s outdoor space for easier rainwater drainage. Better drainage of rainwater can prevent possible lawn damage and unexpected costs. It also helps prevent mosquitoes from breeding outside your home. Surface drains must be in a parallel pattern for easier rainwater flow. During clearing, plumbers look for grass, pet dander, leaves, soap, oil, and grease, among other clogs. Such clogs hinder surface drains from leading rainwater to the main drainage system.

3. Subsurface Drains

Subsurface drains may be placed under the soil’s top layer, making them more durable. The drains can be suitable if your home’s soil is prone to water clogging. A subsurface drain can also divert water from your house’s foundation, preventing unexpected damage. Roots from trees or plants tend to be common clogs in subsurface drains. A plumber can use a sump pump to quickly clear any clogged drains.

4. Downspout Drain

Your house should have a good gutter system for a downspout drain to be functional. Downspout drain systems divert rainwater from the roof, preventing flooding in the basement. Installing a downspout system can save you money as they are fairly inexpensive. Granules from eroded roof shingles, leaves, muck, bird’s nests, or sludge can clog your house’s gutter downspouts. Clearing these household drains can protect your roof from water damage. A drain cleaner can use a handheld drum auger to clear clogs from your downspout system.

How To Clear Your Clogged Household Drains

Removing a drain clog by hand can be a cost-saving solution. Use this trick immediately after seeing and accessing the clog. A wire coat hanger can help you extract drain clogs faster. Wear disposable gloves to protect yourself from bacteria harbored in the clogs.

Boiling away the clog can clear your blocked household drains. This method can be suitable if your drain system has oil, grease, or soap scum clogs. Use hot water to dissolve these clogs quickly. A drain snake can also help you unblock your clogged sink or toilet. The flexibility and narrow widths of drain snakes enable efficient clearing of blocked drains. Some of the homemade cleaners that can help clear your household drains include baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice.

Contacting a professional plumber to clear your drains can save you time. Plumbers also have the skills and expertise to clear your household drains without damaging them. Drain clearing services can also save the cost of buying plungers, drain snakes, and other required tools. 

What To Look For in a Drain Clearing Expert

The plumber you hire to clear your household drains should have a warranty. A plumber with a warranty can compensate you if your drainage system gets damaged during unclogging. Some common types of warranties a plumber can have are a manufacturer’s warranty and a contractor’s warranty.

The plumber you hire should also be affordable. Get estimates before creating a budget. That can save you from overspending by helping you create a fitting budget. Request an upfront cost breakdown to avoid miscellaneous or hidden fees. Do your research and verify their experience with cleaning clogged drains in residential areas.

Get Your Clogged Household Drains Cleaned Today

Drain cleaning can protect your family from health risks associated with drain clogs. You can also enjoy comfortable indoor living because of the fresh indoor air. Getting your household drains cleaned regularly by a plumber can save you time and money. Start your search today to find a reputable plumbing service near you.

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